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Subbuteo - Squads (1996-97)

150 cards

The 1996-97 started off with a set of 110 cards in foil packs. I also have details of a further 40 cards that I presume were available in a blister pack but it would be good to have confirmation of this. Subbuteo Pro following later in the season with another 150 cards. The cards are unnumbered and are numbered here for reference purposes only.

Footballers - Foil packs
110 cards
  1. Tony Adams (Arsenal)
  2. Gavin McGowan (Arsenal)
  3. Paul Merson (Arsenal)
  4. David Platt (Arsenal)
  5. David Seaman (Arsenal)
  6. Ian Wright (Arsenal)
  7. Mark Bosnich (Aston Villa)
  8. Mark Draper (Aston Villa)
  9. Ugo Ehiogu (Aston Villa)
  10. Paul McGrath (Aston Villa)
  11. Andy Townsend (Aston Villa)
  12. Dwight Yorke (Aston Villa)
  13. Tim Flowers (Blackburn Rovers)
  14. Colin Hendry (Blackburn Rovers)
  15. Billy McKinlay (Blackburn Rovers)
  16. Mike Newell (Blackburn Rovers)
  17. Ian Pearce (Blackburn Rovers)
  18. Tim Sherwood (Blackburn Rovers)
  19. Craig Burley (Chelsea)
  20. Michael Duberry (Chelsea)
  21. Ruud Gullit (Chelsea)
  22. Danny Petrescu (Chelsea)
  23. Mark Stein (Chelsea)
  24. Marcus Hall (Coventry City)
  25. Marques Isaias (Coventry City)
  26. Gary McAllister (Coventry City)
  27. Steve Morgan (Coventry City)
  28. Richard Shaw (Coventry City)
  29. Noel Whelan (Coventry City)
  30. Lee Carsley (Derby County)
  31. Sean Flynn (Derby County)
  32. Marco Gabbiadini (Derby County)
  33. Glyn Hodges (Derby County)
  34. Russell Hoult (Derby County)
  35. Tony Grant (Everton)
  36. Matthew Jackson (Everton)
  37. Andrei Kanchelskis (Everton)
  38. Graham Stuart (Everton)
  39. David Unsworth (Everton)
  40. Lee Bowyer (Leeds United)
  41. Brian Deane (Leeds United)
  42. Andy Gray (Leeds United)
  43. Gary Kelly (Leeds United)
  44. John Pemberton (Leeds United)
  45. Simon Grayson (Leicester City)
  46. Mustafa Izett (Leicester City)
  47. Neil Lewis (Leicester City)
  48. Mark Robins (Leicester City)
  49. Mike Whitlow (Leicester City)
  50. Robbie Fowler (Liverpool)
  51. David James (Liverpool)
  52. Jason McAteer (Liverpool)
  53. Jamie Redknapp (Liverpool)
  54. John Scales (Liverpool)
  55. Mark Wright (Liverpool)
  56. Nicky Butt (Manchester United)
  57. Eric Cantona (Manchester United)
  58. Roy Keane (Manchester United)
  59. Brian McClair (Manchester United)
  60. Gary Neville (Manchester United)
  61. Paul Parker (Manchester United)
  62. Neil Cox (Middlesbrough)
  63. John Hendrie (Middlesbrough)
  64. Graham Kavanagh (Middlesbrough)
  65. Alan Miller (Middlesbrough)
  66. Nigel Pearson (Middlesbrough)
  67. Malcolm Allen (Newcastle United)
  68. John Beresford (Newcastle United)
  69. Steve Howey (Newcastle United)
  70. Alan Shearer (Newcastle United)
  71. Steve Watson (Newcastle United)
  72. Colin Cooper (Nottingham Forest)
  73. Mark Crossley (Nottingham Forest)
  74. Scot Gemmill (Nottingham Forest)
  75. Stuart Pearce (Nottingham Forest)
  76. Andrea Silenzi (Nottingham Forest)
  77. Ian Woan (Nottingham Forest)
  78. Peter Atherton (Sheffield Wednesday)
  79. Steve Nicol (Sheffield Wednesday)
  80. Ian Nolan (Sheffield Wednesday)
  81. John Sheridan (Sheffield Wednesday)
  82. Des Walker (Sheffield Wednesday)
  83. Francis Benali (Southampton)
  84. David Hughes (Southampton)
  85. Ken Monkou (Southampton)
  86. Mark Walters (Southampton)
  87. Tommy Widdrington (Southampton)
  88. Kevin Ball (Sunderland)
  89. Paul Bracewell (Sunderland)
  90. Shay Given (Sunderland)
  91. Gareth Hall (Sunderland)
  92. Dariusz Kubicki (Sunderland)
  93. Paul Stewart (Sunderland)
  94. Justin Edinburgh (Tottenham Hotspur)
  95. Ruel Fox (Tottenham Hotspur)
  96. Ronny Rosenthal (Tottenham Hotspur)
  97. Andy Turner (Tottenham Hotspur)
  98. Clive Wilson (Tottenham Hotspur)
  99. Les Sealey (West Ham United)
  100. Danny Williamson (West Ham United)
  101. Tim Breacker (West Ham United)
  102. Tony Cottee (West Ham United)
  103. Robbie Slater (West Ham United)
  104. Vinnie Jones (Wimbledon)
  105. Robbie Earle (Wimbledon)
  106. Marcus Gayle (Wimbledon)
  107. Jon Goodman (Wimbledon)   -   amended 04-08-2021  -  thanks to Trevor and Pat
  108. Mick Harford (Wimbledon)
  109. Alan Reeves (Wimbledon)
  110. Hans Segers (Wimbledon)
Footballers - Blister pack
40 cards
  1. Lee Dixon (Arsenal)
  2. Stephen Hughes (Arsenal)
  3. Gary Charles (Aston Villa)
  4. Steve Staunton (Aston Villa)
  5. George Donnis (Blackburn)
  6. Nicky Marker (Blackburn)
  7. Robert Di Matteo (Chelsea)
  8. Gianluca Vialli (Chelsea)   -   amended 04-08-2021  -  thanks to Trevor and Pat
  9. Brian Borrows (Coventry)
  10. Kevin Richardson (Coventry)
  11. Chris Powell (Derby)
  12. Robin van der Laan (Derby)
  13. Gary Speed (Everton)
  14. David Watson (Everton)
  15. Mark Beeney (Leeds)
  16. Ian Rush (Leeds)
  17. Kevin Poole (Leicester)
  18. Steve Walsh (Leicester)
  19. John Barnes (Liverpool)
  20. Neil Ruddock (Liverpool)
  21. Ryan Giggs (Manchester United)
  22. Phil Neville (Manchester United)
  23. Mikkel Beck (Middlesborough)
  24. Fabrizio Ravanelli (Middlesborough)
  25. David Batty (Newcastle)
  26. Robbie Elliot (Newcastle)
  27. Dean Saunders (Nottingham Forest)
  28. Steve Stone (Nottingham Forest)
  29. Regi Blinker (Sheffield Wednesday)
  30. David Hirst (Sheffield Wednesday)
  31. Matt Le Tissier (Southampton)
  32. Barry Venison (Southampton)
  33. Steve Agnew (Sunderland)
  34. Brian Atkinson (Sunderland)
  35. David Kerslake (Tottenham)
  36. Erik Thorstvedt (Tottenham)
  37. Ilie Dumitrescu (West Ham)
  38. Michael Hughes (West Ham)
  39. Stewart Castledine  (Wimbledon)
  40. Scott Fitzgerald (Wimbledon)


  1. Hi. Not too dissimilar to the Silenzi, Platt, Wilson, etc. mentioned elsewhere on the site, I have a variation of Des Walker in this collection. One with the "Slide Tackle" skill printed on, and one without. No colour variation like the aforementioned, just the addition of the skill. Cheers. T

    1. Hi Tom,
      I didn't know about the Des Walker variation but I've found pictures of both types so I'll add a new post about them later today.

  2. If you put in Vialli of Chelsea and take out Goodman of Wimbledon this will give you two from each club.

    1. Hi Trevor,

      Vialli was in the foil packs.

    2. Hi Alan, I've just got a set of the 40 cards from the blister pack and it does contain Vialli of Chelsea, rather than Goodman of Wimbledon, so Trevor could well be right that there were 2 players per team.


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