Friday 3 June 2016

VM Klubben (Sweden) - VM Fotbolls Stjärnor (1958 World Cup Player Badges)


VM Fotbolls Stjärnor (Badges)
VM Klubben

I picked up a few of these some years ago and keep them with my card collection. It seems that it is possible to get at least some of the players in at least seven different colours - Blue, Yellow, Red, Green, Cream, Light Blue and Teal. I have no idea how many players were issued. There were 16 teams at the World Cup tournament in Sweden in 1958 so there could be over 200. Does anyone know if a complete list exists? Two Welsh players along with Pelé and Garrincha are shown here.

UPDATE (14-07-2020 12:11):  Aaron Segaar has provided some additional information about some Mexican and Swedish players and I have also been able to add quite a few names to the list. 72 badges listed including one player available in two different colours.

Adolfo Cozzi (Argentina)
Hector Cruz (Argentina)

De Carvalho (Brazil)
De Sordi (Brazil)
Garrincha (Brazil)
Luiz Bellini (Brazil)
Mario De Olivera (Brazil)
Mazzola (Brazil)
Pelé (Brazil)
Ramos De Oliviera (Brazil)
Zozimo Alves Calazaes (Brazil)

Antonin Moravcik (Czechoslovakia)
Edenek Zikan (Czechoslovakia)
Frantisek Safranek (Czechoslovakia)
Jaroslav Borovicka (Czechoslovakia)
Josef Masopust (Czechoslovakia)
Kasimir Gajdas (Czechoslovakia)
Ladislav Novak (Czechoslovakia)
Milan Dvorak (Czechoslovakia)
Vilem Schroil (Czechoslovakia)

Alan A'Court (England)
Billy Wright (England)
Don Howe (England)
E. Hopkinson (England) - photo of Tom Finney
Johnny Haynes (England)
Kjimmy Murray (England)
M. Setters (England)
Ronnie Clayton (England)
Stan Crowther (England)

Robert Siatka (France)

Alfredo Hernández García (Mexico)
Carlos Gonzalez Cabrera (Mexico)
Crescencio Gutierraz (Mexico)
Jaime Belmonte Magdaleno (Mexico) - Blue
Jaime Belmonte Magdaleno (Mexico) - Green
Jose Antonio Roca Garcia (Mexico)

J. Forest (Scotland)

Åke Hallström (Sverige)
Bengt Gustavsson (Sverige)
Gösta Löfgren (Sverige)
Karl Svensson (Sverige)
Lars Råberg (Sverige)
Ove Olsson (Sverige)
Reino Börjesson (Sverige)
Sigvard Parling (Sverige)
Tore Svensson (Sverige)

Alan Harrington (Wales)
C. Webster (Wales)
Ivor Allchurch (Wales)
John Charles (Wales)
Les Palmer (Wales)
Melvyn Hopkins (Wales)
Stuart Williams (Wales)
Terry Medwin (Wales)

Alfred Schmidt (West Germany)
Fritz Walter (West Germany)
Georg Stollenwork (West Germany)
Hans Sturm (West Germany)
Heinrich Kwaikowski (West Germany)
Hermann Nuber (West Germany)
Horst Eckel (West Germany)
Uwe Seeler (West Germany)

Aleksandar Petakovic (Yugoslavia)
Borivoje Kostic (Yugoslavia)
Dragoslav Sekularac (Yugoslavia)
Josip Santek (Yugoslavia)
Lazar Tasic (Yugoslavia)
Ljuba Ognjanovic (Yugoslavia)
Milos Milutinovic (Yugoslavia)
Muhamed Mujic (Yugoslavia)
Vladimir Beara (Yugoslavia)
Vlado Popovic (Yugoslavia)

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