Monday, 30 May 2016

Barratt & Co. - (BAR-295-1/2/3 / BAR-70-A/B/C) Famous Footballers (03) - Packet


(BAR-295-1/2/3 / BAR-70-A/B/C) Famous Footballers
Barratt & Co.
3 x 50 cards

Alan Zimmerman has sent in photos of a recent acquisition - a Barratt sweet cigarette packet that may be from the 1940's. Inside was a card of J.R. Howe (Derby County), which comes from this period, though it's impossible to know whether the card has any relevance to the age of the packet. Alan and I would be glad to hear from anyone who can provide any further information.


  1. I was an avid collector of Barratt Famous Footballer cards in the early 1950's and have several open top Barratt Sweet Cigarette packets. New Series, A1, A2, and A3 cards came in this type of packet until middle late 1950's. When the narrow cards of series A4 were issued, being cigarette card size, they came in the flip top slider box type packets which again I have several of these box packets. I assume that the wider cards prior to the 'new series' would have also been issued in the paper open top Barratt Sweet Cigarette packets.

    1. Hi Bernie,

      Thank you for your contribution.



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