Saturday 2 April 2016

Ferrero / Kinder - Fan-Spielzeuge


Ferrero / Kinder

There's a competition to meet Mario Götze in Kinder products in Germany. Included in each packet are two fan-spielzeuge - little plastic "things" that come with little stickers to attach to them. The stickers come in pairs, one with a phrase and the other with a cartoon. Thanks to Hermann for all the illustrations.

Taktik Experte (1)
Taktik Experte (2)
Der 12. Mann (1)
Der 12. Mann (2)
Traum Tor! (1)
Traum Tor! (2)
Pokal Stemmer (1)
Pokal Stemmer (2)
Finalglauber (1)
Finalglauber (2)
La-Ola Starter (1)
La-Ola Starter (2)
Edelfan (1)
Edelfan (2)
Hymnesinger (1)
Hymnesinger (2)

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