Sunday, 27 March 2016

Topps - Match Attax 2015-16 (55) - John Stones A3

Match Attax 2015-16
490+ cards

Kermit on the Football Cards Forum has provided details of the John Stones card - a prize for taking part in a survey earlier this year. The card is massive measuring 29cm x 41cm, which is A3 size. It has the regular small hologram sticker that Topps always attach to the fronts of official signed cards, but you can see how small it is in the picture near the top of the card. Kermit has now had confirmation from Topps that this card is the only one issued in this size - true 1 of 1.
UPDATE (08-04-2016 15:13):  The new owner of this card has provided another photo with a regular John Stones card sitting on top of it - Richard W Football Cards.

96.  John Stones (Everton)

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