Monday, 28 March 2016

Apsolut Velpro / Blic newspaper (Bosnia-Herzegovina/Serbia) / vizaMG (Croatia) - Brazuka 2014

Brazuka 2014
Apsolut Velpro / Blic newspaper (Bosnia-Herzegovina/Serbia)
vizaMG (Croatia)
Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia
268 stickers

Here's an illustrated checklist for the Brazuka 2014 collection, all the scans have been kindly provided by Igor C. Crnojevac. You'll probably need the checklist to identify many of the players shown here. There are two checklists, both the same -  vizaMG (Croatia) - Brazuka 2014 and Apsolut Velpro / Blic newspaper (Serbia) - Brazuka 2014 (4).

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