Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Bassett & Co. - World Heroes (02) - Packets

World Heroes
Bassett & Co. / Barratt & Co.
40 cards

Four different packets for this collection. I'm no expert but I think there may be eight in total. The blue packet is identified as Barratt and the other three are Bassett. I think there will probably be a blue Bassett packet and the other three should be found with Barratt on the front. The dates printed on the sides of the packets are probably important and show the Barratt version was available first and later replaced with the Bassett logo. A full checklist can be found here - Bassett & Co. - World Heroes.

World Heroes - Barratt logo - Maidstone address
World Heroes - Bassett & Beyond logo - Birmingham address


  1. Alan

    I have four different coloured Barratt packets 3 with a Best Before Date of Jun 2000 (Blue, green and Yellow Packets) and 1 with a Best Before Date of Oct 2000 (White packet). I have a Green Packet for Bassett's and Beyond which has a Best Before Date of Mar 2001. Interestingly all have the same closing date of 31/1/01 for the poster


    John Levitt

    1. Hi John,

      I'm not very knowledgable on packets, I never realized there were so many variations. The 'Best Before' date can be a good thing and a bad thing - good for dating a series but bad for the collector.

      Best wishes,



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