Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Anonymous - Flickers (1930's)


4 sets

Allan has asked whether I know anything about these cards. I don't know much. There seem to be four different sets in total but I have no idea who issued them. The twenty cards, when sorted in the correct order, were intended to be tied together with a rubber band and then you flicked them to see the image moving. Turning the pack over would show another sportsman. I would be glad to hear from anyone who can provide further information.

1.  A1-A20 - John Jackson (Chelsea)
  & E1-E18 - Ted Drake (Arsenal)
2.  A1-A20 - John Jackson (Chelsea)
  & B1-B20 - Jack Petersen (Boxing)
3.  C1-C20 - Eddie Hapgood(Arsenal)
  & G1-G20 - Patsy Hendren (Middlesex)
4.  D1-D20 - J. Sims (Middlesex)
  & H1-H20 - Eddie Hapgood (Arsenal)


  1. I've just picked up exactly the same set at a market in Melbourne. I assume that we both have a complete set. I haven't found any information online, other than this blog.

    1. Hi David,

      That's a good find, congratulations.



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