Monday, 15 February 2016

Talent Show (Croatia) - Euforia 2016 (01)

Euforia 2016
Talent Show, Rijeka
275 stickers

Igor H. Crnojevac has provided details of a new collection issued in Croatia. The format will be familiar to some collectors as the collection is similar to those of other recent tournaments. No checklist at the moment but here is an index of countries. The publishers have an official website where there are a couple of apps to download and an online album to access - Euforia 2016.
UPDATE (15-02-2016 12:13):  Publishers name altered. Talent Show is the Publisher, Tisak is the distributor. Thanks to Igor for letting me know.

1-11.  France
12-22.  Romania
22-33.  Albania
34-44.  Switzerland
45-55.  England
56-66.  Russia
67-77.  Wales
78-88.  Slovakia
89-99.  Germany
100-110.  Ukraine
111-121.  Poland
122-132.  Northern Ireland
133-143.  Spain
144-154.  Czech Republic
155-165.  Turkey
166-187.  Croatia
188-198.  Belgium
199-209.  Italy
210-220.  Republic of Ireland
221-231.  Sweden
232-242.  Portugal
243-253.  Iceland
254-264.  Austria
265-275.  Hungary

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