Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Crescent Confectionery - CRE-080/CRM-1 Footballers (02)

CRE-080/CRM-1 Footballers
Crescent Confectionery
101 cards

Matthews Zubrot has found an unrecorded card from this collection. The 100 card checklist has been known for many years and it's amazing that a card like the Grimsdell one can still be found. I wonder how many other cards may be floating around that nobody checks. Strange. The trouble is now I'll be checking all those Crescent cards, just in case, and I bet I'll never find another one that's unlisted.
The full checklist can be found here - Crescent Confectionery - CRE-080/CRM-1 Footballers.

A. Grimsdell (Tottenham H'spurs F.C.)

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