Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Taddy & Co. - Prominent Footballers (1908) (03) - New Brompton

Prominent Footballers
Taddy & Co.
400 cards

A little while ago Peter stated that he had a H. Powell card and wondered if it's from the 1908 set, well here's confirmation - with footnote and Grapnel back. The scan has been provided by Matthew Zubrot.

New Brompton (later to become Gillingham F.C.)

13 cards

C.H. Arthurs  -  Grapnel

E. Bateup  -  Imperial
R. Boyle  -  Imperial
D. Fullarton  -  Grapnel
W.H. Hales  -  Imperial
W. Henderson  -  Grapnel
W.P. Henderson  -  Imperial
A.E. Pickett  -  Grapnel
H. Powell  -  Grapnel
J. Reid  -  Imperial
J. Reynolds  -  Grapnel
A. Whyman  -  Grapnel
W. Wood  -  Grapnel

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