Saturday, 26 December 2015

Football Star Collector Cards - (P017) Football Star Collector Cards ~ Series 1

(P017) Football Star Collector Cards ~ Series 1
Football Star Collector Cards
20 cards

Colour portraits using ¾ length photos of footballers from the 1960s. Another illustrated checklist provided by Alan Probert.

1.  Bobby Moore (West Ham United)

2.  Robin Gladwin (Oxford United)
3.  David Craig (Newcastle United)
4.  Alan Mullery (Fulham)
5.  Bill Glazier (Coventry City)
6.  Gerry Gow (Bristol City)
7.  Dave Clements (Sheffield Wednesday)
8.  Jimmy Robertson (Ipswich Town)
9.  Joe Kiernan (Northampton Town)
10.  John Tudor (Newcastle United)
11.  Roger Hunt (Bolton Wanderers)
12.  Brian Clarke (Bristol City)
13.  David Ford (Newcastle United)
14.  John McMahon (Preston North End)
15.  John Shuker (Oxford United)
16.  Trevor Brooking (West Ham United)
17.  Paul Reaney (Leeds United)
18.  Derek Jeffries  (Manchester City)
19.  John Galley (Bristol City)
20.  Alick Jeffrey (Lincoln City)


  1. Card No 18 is not Derek Jeffies but it is Jeff Johnson. The error seems to have been transferred from when the photo was first published in I think Goal magazine.

    1. Hi cityfanbrian,

      Thanks for your comment. I'm going to do another post showing card 18 plus stickers of Jeffried and Johnson and I've also found the original cutting where they error comes from.

      Thank you very much for your help,


    2. How's this:


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