Sunday, 20 September 2015

Bassett & Co. - (TRCB-1-2) Football 1991-92 (03) - Binder offer

(TRCB-1-2) Football 1991-92
Bassett & Co.
48 cards

John Levitt has sent in scans of these two leaflets. It's possible they were created for different collections, but because the cards they show are from 1991-92 I thought I'd include them both here...
I don't know if you have ever seen Bassett Football Candy Sticks binder offer leaflets. One was still in the envelope that the Postcards were sent in. The envelope was franked with a date of 13th September 1993 and contained a flimsy paper binder offer. It measures 148mm x 105mm. You needed to send in £3.50p including postage to get your binder which would hold all 36 postcards and 48 picture cards. The offer closed 31st December 1994. 
The other leaflet is on thicker paper with the same measurements. This time the amount to be sent in has increased to £3.75p and has a closing date of 31st December 1996.

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