Monday, 21 September 2015

Panini - Panini 1961-2011 Una Storia Italiana

Panini 1961-2011 Una Storia Italiana

Please forgive this little indulgence, but this a blog after all. For my 60th birthday my wife and I travelled to Rome for a 10 day holiday. While going to the Villa Borghese by taxi my wife nudged me and pointed to look at the back of a bus in front of is the traffic. The poster said 'PANINI' in big red letters. We quickly realized it was some sort of exhibition. Luckily the taxi driver spoke English, we asked him if he knew where the place was as we pointed to the bus. He said he did, we turned away and after a short journey down some narrow streets we found ourselves outside the Palazzo Incontro. He told us how he and all his friends collected Panini stickers, I told him that at 60 years of ago, I still collected Panini stickers. He found that strangely amusing!
The exhibition covered two floors, there were two huge posters on the wall in one room, one dedicated to Roma and the other to Lazio, showing all the stickers of each those two teams that Panini had ever produced. There were lots of other posters, stands where it was possible to page through the books that Panini have produced for their Calciatori, World Cup and Euro Cup collections. He free to browse through the photos shown above, clicking on them will bring up larger versions that can be scrolled through.

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