Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Sanitarium Health Food Co. (New Zealand) - Ball Sports


Ball Sports
Sanitarium Health Food Co.
New Zealand
12 cards (1 football)

Large cards measuring 97mm x 75mm that were issued in packets of Sanitarium Corn Flakes. I don't recognize either of the players, but the Newcastle United kit is unmistakable, though I've failed to identify the opposition.

(UPDATE 24-09-2015): Thanks to Nik Yeomans, it's from one of the games Newcastle United played in New Zealand, which was one of their stops on their ned-of-season tour. Thanks to Roger Pashby for supplying some details and Mark Hughesdon for tracking down the actual game - New Zealand v Newcastle United, at Mount Stewart, Auckland on 19th May, 1985.

1.  Tennis
2.  Football (Newcastle United v New Zealand opposition)
3.  Hockey
4.  Bowls
5.  Golf
6.  Rugby (All Blacks v France)
7.  Rugby League
8.  Netball
9.  Cricket
10.  Softball
11.  Basketball
12.  Water Polo


  1. From one of the end of tour games in 1985 v New Zealand FA (logically enough...). 4 games played at the end of the season. Could be any one of 'em :o) Kit and shirt sponsor is correct for the New Zealand FA.


  2. The opposition looks to be the New Zealand national side which would fit for the country of issue.

    I worked out which years Newcastle wore that kit (83-85) and found that they played New Zealand several times in 84-85.

    Probably from one of the end of season tour matches.

    See and

    The YouTube quality is poor but the NZ kit looks right and the white picket fence is just about visible on the card.

    Think the Newcastle player is John Anderson?

    Mark Hughesdon

  3. As it's a NZ card, it could well be a game played on tour.
    I found this online ...

    Oct 24, Newcastle, St James Park
    Newcastle United 3-0 New Zealand (Ken Wharton 10', Chris Waddle 15', Pat Heard 40')
    Newcastle United (England): Kevin Carr (Martin Thomas), Malcolm Brown, Chris Hedworth (Dawes), Jeff Clarke, Wesley Saunders, Neil McDonald, Steve Carney, Pat Heard, Chris Waddle (Allon), Peter Beardsley (Paul Ferris), Ken Wharton (David McCreery).
    Coach: n/a
    New Zealand: Richard Wilson, Martin Felton (John Leijh), Richard Herbert, Sean Byrne, Keith Garland, Grant Turner (William McClure), Steve Sumner (Raymond Harris), Allan Boath [c], Keith Mackay, Steve Wooddin (Kevin Birch), Colin Walker.
    Coach: Allan Jones.
    Referee: Alan Saunders (England).
    Here ...

    Roger Pashby


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