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Winning Moves - Manchester United Playing Cards (2013)

Manchester United Playing Cards
Winning Moves
54 cards

A♠.  Robin van Persie (Home kit)
2♠.  David De Gea (Home kit)
3♠.  Rafael Da Silva (Home kit)
4♠.  Nemanja Vidic (Home kit)
5♠.  Rio Ferdinand (Home kit)
6♠.  Patrice Evra (Home kit)
7♠.  Paul Scholes (Home kit)
8♠.  Ashley Young (Home kit)
9♠.  Michael Carrick (Home kit)
10♠.  Shinji Kagawa (Home kit)
J♠.  Ryan Giggs (Home kit)
Q♠.  Manchester United Badge
K♠.  Wayne Rooney (Home kit)

A♦.  Sir Alex Ferguson (no caption)
2♦.  Changing Room at Old Trafford
3♦.  Carrington Training Complex
4♦.  Old Trafford
5♦.  Old Trafford
6♦.  Old Trafford
7♦.  Club Shop
8♦.  Old Trafford
9♦.  Old Trafford
10♦.  Old Trafford
J♦.  Sir Alex Ferguson with the Premier League Trophy (no caption)
Q♦.  Manchester United Badge
K♦.  Sir Alex Ferguson Statue

A♣.  Robin van Persie (Portrait)
2♣.  David De Gea (Portrait)
3♣.  Rafael Da Silva (Portrait)
4♣.  Nemanja Vidic (Portrait)
5♣.  Rio Ferdinand (Portrait)
6♣.  Patrice Evra (Portrait)
7♣.  Paul Scholes (Portrait)
8♣.  Ashley Young (Portrait)
9♣.  Michael Carrick (Portrait)
10♣.  Shinji Kagawa (Portrait)
J♣.  Ryan Giggs (Portrait)
Q♣.  Manchester United Badge
K♣.  Wayne Rooney (Portrait)

A♥.  Robin van Persie (Away kit)
2♥.  David De Gea (Away kit)
3♥.  Rafael Da Silva (Away kit)
4♥.  Nemanja Vidic (Away kit)
5♥.  Rio Ferdinand (Away kit)
6♥.  Patrice Evra (Away kit)
7♥.  Paul Scholes (Away kit)
8♥.  Ashley Young (Away kit)
9♥.  Michael Carrick (Away kit)
10♥.  Shinji Kagawa (Away kit)
J♥.  Ryan Giggs (Away kit)
Q♥.  Manchester United Badge
K♥.  Wayne Rooney (Away kit)

Joker.  Fred the Red
Joker.  Fred the Red
Joker.  Fred the Red

Manchester United Playing Cards - box

5♥.  Rio Ferdinand (Away kit)
K♠.  Wayne Rooney (Home kit)
J♦.  Sir Alex Ferguson with the Premier League Trophy (no caption)

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