Friday, 14 August 2015

Cadbury Bros. - Starfact


Cadbury Bros.
10 cards

These cards were included with Cadbury mini rolls. I only have the card numbers for a couple of them.  Thanks to John Levitt for the scan of the David Beckham card.

UPDATE (14-08-2015):  John Levitt has sent in most of the names for the checklist, which I've now updated. I'd love to know where most of the names in my original checklist come from!!! 

1.  Westlife
2.  Ant and Dec
3.  Britney Spears
4.  David Beckham - Footballer
5.  Cat Deeley - TV presenter
6.  Jennifer Lopez
8.  Elijah Wood
9.  Sarah Michelle Gellar

Other names originally thought to be in the checklist:

Denise Lewis - Athlete (heptathlon)
Denise Van Outen - TV presenter
Sir Elton John - Rock star
Jonathan Ross - TV Presenter
Paula Radcliffe - Athlete
Ricky Gervais - Comedian
Sharon Osbourne - TV Celebrity
Will Young - Singer


  1. Alan

    I have the following cards:-

    1. Westlife
    2. Ant and Dec
    3. Britney Spears
    4. David Beckham
    5. Cat Deeley
    6. Jennifer Lopez
    8. Elijah Wood
    9. Sarah Michelle Gellar


    John Levitt

    1. Thanks John, I'll update the list. I wonder what most of my list is supposed to be? I was sent that list around the time they were issued. I doubt there are more than 10 in the collection otherwise you would probably have found at least one with a number higher than 10. Perhaps there were two different sets, or most of my list refers to something else?????


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