Saturday, 15 August 2015

Boys' Magazine - BOY-590/BPM-8 Transfers of Footballers (3)

BOY-590/BPM-8 Transfers of Footballers
Boys' Magazine
12 sheets

Just one sheet missing for a complete illustrated checklist. If you can provide a scan of the missing sheet please get in touch. Thanks to Roger Pashby for some of the scans.
UPDATE (17-12-2020 20:26):  Just added the one missing sheet (Dawson, Phillipson, Gillespie, Beecham), though the quality isn't very good.

J. Dimmock, W.E. Rawlings, A. Jackson, H. Ferguson  -  issue no. 295, dated 29 October, 1927 
V. Gibbins, H. Chambers, D. Halliday, W.H. Walker  -  issue no. 296, dated 5 November, 1927
C. Wilson, W.R. Dean, J. Trotter, A. Wilson  -  issue no. 297, dated 12 November, 1927
J. Dawson, E. Phillipson, W. Gillespie, E. Beecham  -  issue no. 298, dated 19 November, 1927
G. Camsell, F. Osborne, C. Stephenson, P.Cherrett  -  issue no. 299, dated 26 November, 1927
C. Buchan, R. Kelly, J. McMullan, A. Chandler  -  issue no. 300, dated 3 December, 1927
H. Gallagher, L. Davies, W. Williams, F. M'Pherson  -  issue no. 301, dated 10 December, 1927
S.M. Bishop, W. Barratt, T.H. Jennings, F. Tunstall  -  issue no. 302, dated 17 December, 1927
G.S. Seymour, S.C. Puddefoot, R. Parker, J. Townrow  -  issue no. 303, dated 24 December, 1927
J.H. Hill, J. Brain, A. Cunningham, D.H. Morris  -  issue no. 304, dated 31 December, 1927
R.H. Pym, J. Bradford, J.F.A. Colllins, A.G. Bower  -  issue no. 305, dated 7 January, 1928
E. Harper, J.W. Spence, A. Morton, J. Tonner  -  issue no. 306, dated 14 January, 1928

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