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Monty Gum - (MON-180-1/ZG9-3-1) Footballers


(MON-180-1/ZG9-3-1) Footballers
Monty Gum
56 cards

A set of playing cards with four jokers. Almost a complete checklist, though I've got two players that aren't allocated to specific cards, Roy Bentley and John Hewie, one of which should be the ten of spades and the other should be the queen of spades. 

UPDATE (23-08-2015):  The year of issue has been amended from 1956 to 1958-59. Graham Bruton has been in touch:
Albert Quixall joined United in September 1958, and he does appear to be in United’s colours. Also, Dawson and Goodwin only became known players after Munich.One other thing, Quixall’s name is spelt wrong, as they added an H after the X.
I originally spelt Quixall's name correctly, but I've now amended it to how it appears on the card and added a little note to show the error.
UPDATE (24-08-2015):  I've had an e-mail from Michael McIntyre who thinks these cards were issued in 1961. He states that Alex Elder (Burnley) didn't make his debut for the Turf Moor club until a few weeks into the 1959-60 season.

A♣.  Jimmy Scoular

2♣.  Bernd Trautmann
3♣.  Tommy Banks
4♣.  Lawrie Reilly
5♣.  David Herd
6♣.  Joe Carolan
7♣.  Freddie Goodwin
8♣.  Tony Macedo
9♣.  Johnny Haynes
10♣.  Brian Clough
J♣.  Vic Groves
Q♣.  Brian Douglas
K♣.  Don Howe

A.  Jim Mudie

2.  Bill Foulkes
3.  Dennis Viollet
4.  Alex Dawson
5.  Mel Charles
6.  Dave Mackay
7.  Peter Higham
8.  Derek Tapscott
9.  Phil Woosnam
10.  Albert Scanlon
J.  Malcolm Musgrave
Q.  Alister MacLeod
K.  Bobby Evans

A♠.  Maurice Norman

2♠.  Albert Quixhall (sic - Albert Quixall)
3♠.  Reg Matthews
4♠.  Peter MacParland
5♠.  Derek Kevan
6♠.  Bill Slater
7♠.  Don Townsend
8♠.  Alex Parker
9♠.  Stuart Leary
John Hewie   -   updated 15-03-2021
J♠.  Peter Broadbent
Q♠.  Roy Bentley   -   updated 15-03-2021
K♠.  Bill MacCullough

A.  Ernie Taylor

2.  Stanley Matthews
3.  John Charles
4.  Bobby Charlton
5.  Danny Clapton
6.  Derek Dougan
7.  Harry Gregg
8.  Jimmy Greaves
9.  Bobby Collins
10.  Alex Elder
J.  Peter Brabrook
Q.  Bobby Smith
K.  Jimmy Hill

Joker.  Ivor Allchurch

Joker.  Jimmy Bloomfield
Joker.  Jimmy Scoular
Joker.  Bert Trautmann


  1. Happy to confirm that roy bentley is the queen of spades in this set


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