Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Wall's - Time Travel with Starship 4

Time Travel with Starship 4
20 cards (1 football)

Mark Edwards alerted me to the football card in this collection. Chelsea with a good 2-0 away win on card no. 13, it doesn't say whether the game against the Moon was a competitive fixture or just a friendly. Card no. 14 also mentions football even thought the image is a cricket match.

1.  Cars That Don't Need Petrol

2.  Glowing Reports of a New Type of Bike
3.  Wing Your Way Into the Future
4.  Airships. Plain Sailing in the Air
5.  Monorail, The One Track Train
6.  Outside Your Home
7.  Your Home - The Inside Story, in the Year
8.  School: The Good and Bad News in the Year
9.  The Anytime, Anywhere Wardrobe
10.  Shopping by Computer
11.  Keeping Yourself Entertained
12.  Robots: Every Home Should Have Them
13.  Communications
14.  Playing Games
15.  Making Music
16.  Off on Holiday
17.  The Food of the Future
18.  Sweat Dreams
19.  Shuttle x 2
20.  Factories in Space

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