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Manoli Zigarettenfabrik, Berlin - (21309-01) Fussball-Propaganda-Serie (1-720)


(21309-01) Fussball-Propaganda-Serie (1-720)
Manoli Zigarettenfabrik, Berlin
720 cards

Another of the large German sets issued in the 1920s-1930s. IanSammel has very kindly sent scans of some of the cards. I only had two noted in my database. Now we've got 23 listed out of a total of 720 cards, any help with adding more to the checklist would be much appreciated.

53.  Altvater (Wacker München)

66.  Kienzler (Bayern-München)
78.  Kessler (Stuttgarter Kickers)
85.  Vögtle (Schwaben-Augsburg)
132.  Ritter (Holstein-Kiel)
135.  Voss (Holstein-Kiel)
189.  Schmerbach (H.-S.-V.-Hamburg)
191.  Heyne (Union-Altona)
195.  Kramer (Eimsbüttel-Hamburg)
239.  Beier (H.-S.-V.-Hamburg)
240.  Krohn (H.-S.-V.-Hamburg)
245.  Ritter (Holstein-Kiel)
249.  Langbehn (St.Georg-Hamburg)
251.  Blumberg (Altona 93)
255.  Gilge (Altonaer Fussball-Club v.1893)
316.  Werner (Holstein-Kiel)
319.  Kipp (Stuttgarter Kickers)
323.  Löble (Stuttgarter Kickers)
559.  Bache (Alemannia-Berlin)
593.  Ehlert (Titania-Stettin)
634.  Evert (Wacker-Leipzig)
635.  Strehl (Fortuna-Leipzig)
686.  Raue (Tennis-Borussia, Berlin)

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