Saturday 11 July 2015

Barratt & Co. - (BAR-515/BAR-36) Leaders of Sport

(BAR-515/BAR-36) Leaders of Sport
Barratt & Co.
50 cards

I recently came across a card for this series and remembered this checklist, which took me the best part of two decades to complete, only to find there are no footballers included within. As it took so long to compile I thought I would include it here just in case there are one or two other sad people like me who might be interested in it. The checklist is actually missing the names of two billiards players, I came across them at a time when I wasn't too bothered to record names unless they were footballers. Unfortunately I haven't come across either of them since, so they are just recorded as question marks.
The cards shown above are numbers 2, 34, 42 and 40.
I'd like to thank Evan Jones for providing the names of all the boxers,

1. George Duller (Jockey)
2. Wyld (Cyclist)
3. Eileen Bennett (Tennis)
4. Miss Gertrude Ederle (Swimming)
5. George Duncan (Golf)
6. W. F. Baker (Walker)
7. G.R. Crole-Reis (Tennis)
8. Lord Burghley (Athletics)
9. Tom Newman (Billiards)
10.  Sir Henry Segrave (Motor Racing)
11. B. Carslake (Jockey)
12. J.S. Wright (Motorcyclist)
13. Major H.O.D. Savage (Racing Motorist)
14. Archie Bell (Boxing)
15. Beresford (Sculler)
16. G. Elliott (Jockey)
17. C.H. Kingsley (Tennis)
18. Teddy Baldock (Boxing)
19.  Malcolm Campbell
20. Joe Childs (Jockey)
21. T.E. Hammond (Walking)
22. Mrs Godfree (Miss Kitty McKane) (Tennis)
23. Tom Reece (Billiards)
24. Godfrey (Tennis)
25. Fraser Nash (Motor Racing)
26. Alf Mancini (Boxing)
27. Steve Donoghue (Jockey)
28. Phil Scott (Boxing)
29. W.J. Bailey (Racing Cyclist)
30. C. Alden (Racing Cyclist)
31. Cotterill (Running)
32. Tom Berry (Boxing)
33. Abe Mitchell (Golf)
34. Mrs. H. Corson (Swimming)
35. Austin (Tennis)
36. Roger Wethered (Golf)
37. Miss Joan Fry (Tennis)
38. Miss Betty Nuthall (Tennis)
39. B.C.Y. Oddie (Cross Country Runner)
40. S.M. Ayles (Walking)
41. H.L. Elvin (Half Miler)
42. J.S. Worters (Motor Cyclist)
43. Tony Milligan (Boxing)
44. E. Harper (Runner - 10 miles)
45. Felton (Sculler)
46. E Ray (Golf)
47. V.S. Robertson (Golf)
48. B.E. Patchet (Motor Cycling)

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