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Barratt & Co. - (BAR-345/BAR-72-08) Famous Footballers A8

(BAR-345/BAR-72-08) Famous Footballers A8
Barratt & Co.
50 cards

Trevor Knights has kindly sent in this checklist, I hope include most of the Barratt/Bassett card sets in the coming weeks. At least two different proof versions have appeared over the years and there may be more. The ones I know of are listed below, along with one card variation.

BAR-345/BAR-72-08 - Famous Footballers A8
BAR-345/BAR-72-08 - Famous Footballers A8 - front Magenta , plain back, no autograph - Proof
BAR-345/BAR-72-08 - Famous Footballers A8 - plain back, no autograph - Proof

1.  Bobby Evans (Celtic)
2.  Ian Lochhead (Celtic)
3.  Tommy Bryceland (St Mirren)
4.  Bertie Auld (Celtic)
5.  Bert McCann (Motherwell)
6.  Ron Flowers (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
7.  Billy Bingham (Luton Town)
8.  Jimmy McIlroy (Burnley)
9.  Graham Shaw (Sheffield United)
10.  Colin Booth (Nottingham Forest)
11.  Peter Swan (Sheffield Wednesday)
12.  Fred Else (Preston North End)
13.  Eddie Hopkinson (Bolton Wanderers)
14.  Ken Barnes (Manchester City)
15.  Mel Charles (Arsenal)
16.  Joe Haverty (Arsenal)
17.  Jack Kelsey (Arsenal)
18.  Bill Brown (Tottenham Hotspur)
19.  Derrick Sullivan (Cardiff City)
20.  Mel Nurse (Swansea Town)
21.  Peter Brabrook (Chelsea)
22.  Harry Gregg (Manchester United)
23.  Joe Baker (Hibernian)
24.  Denis Law (Huddersfield Town)
25.  George Eastham (Newcastle United)
26.  Ivor Allchurch (Newcastle United)
27.  Stan Anderson (Sunderland)
28.  Jackie Mudie (Blackpool)
29.  Phil Woosnam (West Ham United)
30.  Albert Quixall (Manchester United)
31.  Jimmy Greaves (Chelsea)
32.  Graham Leggatt (Fulham)
33.  Peter McParland (Aston Villa)
34.  Bobby Collins (Everton)
35.  Alan A'Court (Liverpool)
36.  Cliff Jones (Tottenham Hotspur)
37.  Duncan MacKay (Celtic)
38.  Bert Trautmann (Manchester City)
39.  Eric Caldow (Rangers)
40.  Ron Springett (Sheffield Wednesday)
41.  John Sydenham (Southampton)
42.  John White (Tottenham Hotspur)
43.  Jimmy Armfield (Blackpool)
44.  Norman Deeley (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
45.  Bobby Robson (West Bromwich Albion)
46.  John Connelly (Burnley)
47.  Edwin Holliday (Middlesbrough)
48.  Peter Dobing (Blackburn Rovers)
49.  Tony Macedo (Fulham)
50.  Ken Brown (West Ham United)

BAR-345/BAR-72-08 - Famous Footballers A8 - errors/varieties

37.  Duncan MacKay (Celtic) (Front: Duncan MacKay; Back: Dave MacKay - Spurs)

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