Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Tonibell - Did You Know?


Did You Know?
25 cards (1 football)

The same set of 25 cards was issued by various companies between 1962 and 1967. The Tonibell version is titled 'Did You Know?' but all the others are titled 'Do You Know?' Other issuers include Ching's (a Channel Islands tobacco company), Cromwell Stoes, Ovaltine Biscuits, B.T. Tea and an Anonymous issue.

1.  Why a horse-shoe is used for luck

2.  Where women grow Giraffe-necks
3.  A mushroom from a toadstool
4.  How the flying-fish flies
5.  A butterfly from a moth
6.  Why a billiard cue is bevelled
7.  How snow crystals are formed
8.  How fast an ostrich travels
9.  The most perfect building in the world
10.  Why flowers are scented
11.  How coral is formed
12.  Why iron sinks
13.  What a Juggernaut is
14.  Why flags are flown at half-mast
15.  The construction of a pyramid
16.  A duck from a drake
17.  How a bee makes honey
18.  Why Toby Jugs are so named
19.  What causes lightning
20.  How a nettle stings
21.  The history of the F.A. Cup
22.  That some fish walk on land
23.  How a grasshopper sings
24.  How a Brazil nut grows
25.  The art of water divining

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