Tuesday, 14 July 2015

The Wheeler Collection - Legends & Treasures (2015)


Legends & Treasures
The Wheeler Collection

These cards will be available in boxes sold via The Wheeler Collection at The National Sports Collectors Convention takes place in Chicago later this month (29 July to 2 August). Many of them are re-packaged cards but I belive that newly created cards will also be available in the boxes. The cards look so amazing I couldn't turn up the opportunity to show them off here. Pelé, David Beckham, Giorgio Chinaglia and Brandi Chastain.

Here's what Matt Wheeler has to say about these cards: Lots of work being done to create this one of a kind new product that I think many are going to enjoy!
Some will call this product a "repack". I'm okay with that as nearly 30% of the cards inserted into this product will be previously manufactured cards from other manufacturers. However, more than 70% of the cards will be original pieces created specifically for this product. And no, they were not made in my basement, or any other residential basement.   
This product will be limited to just 320 numbered boxes. There will be 80 numbered 4-box cases. Each box will have 10 cards. At least one of them will be a previously manufactured 1/1. Two more will be previously manufactured non-1/1s. The remaining seven will be brand new, never before seen cards, created specifically for this product.
The product name - Legends & Treasures.

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