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Baytch Bros. - (BAY-040/BEW-1) Fighting Favourites by Johnny McMillan

(BAY-040/BEW-1) Fighting Favourites by Johnny McMillan
Baytch Bros.
64 cards

Robert Muat has helped me immensely recently with his knowledge of cards issued by A. & J. Donaldson and has also provided many scans for me to use. Abe Donaldson had competition in the Glasgow area during the late 1940s and early 1950s, with cards being produced by various issuing companies - S. & B. Products, Kiddy's Favourites, D. Cummings & Sons and Baytch Bros. Robert asked me if I had any interest in publishing checklists for some of the non-football cards. I originally said no, but on reflection I thought it worthwhile adding these checklists to my blog, if for no other reason, they're not available anywhere else. Robert contacted his friend Harry Richards and between them they have provided me with checklists along with cards to use as illustrations and I'm very grateful to both of them for supplying me with so much material. So here's the first of them - Fighting Favourites by Baytch Bros. More will follow over the coming days and weeks.
Cards measure 52mm x 38mm. Inscribed on the back 'South 1951', which is probably why they are listed in reference books as having been issued in 1951, but 'South 1951' is actually a telephone number!! I prefer to list them as '1940's' until a more definite issue date can be established. There's a similarity between this set and the Torry Gillick 's Internationals that were issued by S. & B. Products, that artist in both cases is identified as 'G.E.C.', though it's not known who he is. The style of the design of the fronts of the cards is very similar too, with boxing gloves replacing the national emblems used on the football cards. There are two different versions of the Baytch Bros. cards and some cards, including the three marked **, can be found with S. & B. Products backs.

Colour of ring yellow, star above and below biographies
Colour of ring orange, asterisk above and below biographies
S. & B. Products on back (three known, marked with **)

1.  Jackie Paterson (Glasgow)
2.  Rinty Monaghan (Belfast)
3.  Tommy McMenamy (Belfast)
4.  Freddie Mills (Bournemouth)
5.  Joe Louis (U.S.A.)  **
6.  Ike Williams(U.S.A.)
7.  Randolph Turpin (Leamington Spa)
8.  Hyman Williams (Jamaica)
9.  Maurice Sandetron (France)
10.  Jimmy Warnock (Belfast)
11.  Tommy Armour (Belfast)
12.  Walter Momber (France)
13.  Cliff Anderson (British Guiana)
14.  Peter Jackson (Australia)
15.  Call Johnson (Jamaica)
16.  Roy Peterson (Jamaica)
17.  Reg Hoblyn (Twickenham)
18.  Johnny Jenkins (Glasgow)
19.  Ronnie James (Wales)
20.  Peter Kane (Golbourne)
21.  Ronnie Clayton (-)
22.  Ben Duffy (Jarrow)
23.  Freddie Webb (France)
24.  John L. Sullivan (U.S.A.)  **
25.  Sammy Sullivan (Preston)
26.  Joe Cassidy (Paisley)
27.  Alf Danahar (London)
28.  Eric Boon (-)
29.  Jim Higgins (Hamilton)
30.  Elky Clark (Glasgow)
31.  Jacky Wilson (Belfast)
32.  Jim Corbet (San Francisco)   -   John J. Corbett on the back
33.  Robert Villemain (France)
34.  Dado Marino (U.S.A.)
35.  Jim Kenny (Polmont)
36.  Ginger Stewart (Hamilton)
37.  Gwyn Williams (Wales)
38.  Albert Perera (Ceylon)
39.  Benny Lynch (Glasgow)
40.  Mickie O'Neill (Belfast)
41.  Teddy O'Neil (Dumbarton)
42.  Bunty Doran (Belfast)
43.  Theo Medina (France)
44.  Willie White (Glasgow)   -   Willie Whyte on the back
45.  Gus Lesnevich (U.S.A.)
46.  Bruce Woodcock (Doncaster)
47.  Johnny McMillan (Glasgow)
48.  Jake Kilrain (Bellshill)
49.  Tommy Milligan (Craigneuk)
50.  Johnny McGrory (Glasgow)
51.  Fanie Bushney (South Africa)
52.  Dougie Miller (South Africa)
53.  Skeets Gallacher (Clydebank)   - R. (Skeets) Gallacher on the back
54.  Nel Tarleton (Liverpool)
55.  Ernie Roderick (Liverpool)
56.  Eddie Douglas (Kensington)
57.  Jack Dempsey (U.S.A.)  **
58.  Jim Driscoll (Wales)
59.  Johnny Summers (Edinburgh)
60.  Freddy Welsh (England)
61.  Vince Hawkins (Eastleigh)
62.  Peter Cook (Port Glasgow)
63.  Johnny McManus (Twechar)
64.  Harry Hughes (Motherwell)

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