Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Menes Zigarettenfabrik, Wiesbaden - (21324-01) Fußballsportbilder


(21324-01) Fußballsportbilder
Menes Zigarettenfabrik, Wiesbaden
Unknown number

IanSammel has provided scans of some of the cards from this collection. Although I have details of the set in my database I didn't have any information about any the cards until now. 

IanSammel also points out that there are five different back designs amongst the cards shown here. The cards are unnumbered and don't carry a series title. We would be glad to hear from anyone who can supply further information on this rare set of cards.

Sportverein Wiesbaden - Höchst

F.-S.-V. Frankfurt-M. - Sportverein Wiesbaden
Hassia Bingen - Sportverein Wiesbaden
Turn- und Sportgemeinde Höchst - S.-V. Wiesbaden
"F.-V. Germania" Wiesbaden - Sportv. Wiesbaden
V. f. Rasenspiele Mannheim - Sportv. Wiesbaden
Tor. Stuttgarter Kickers - F.-S.-V. Frankfurt
F.-S.-V. Frankfurt - Stuttgarter Kickers

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