Monday 15 June 2015

I.C. Plauber - Foot-ball ~ Galería de Jugadores ~ Serie A

Foot-ball ~ Galería de Jugadores ~ Serie A
I.C. Plauber
42 cards

As with many Spanish collections in the 1920's and 1930's this set can be found with a number of different business' names printed on the bottom section of the backs of the cards. Blank cards were printed by I.C. Plauber. Various companies then had their own details printed on the blank section. The three players shown are Pelaó, Alcántara and Planas.
UPDATE (22-10-2017 20:42):  The year of issue has been updated to 1922-23, thanks to research by Gregory Graetz. I'll let him explain:
I've been trying to figure out the exact issue year of the Foot-Ball Galeria de Jugadores set based on biographical information in the text on back, and I think I've got it.  Zamora is pictured in a Barcelona kit, and he was only there for three seasons, 1919-1922.  From the back of the Zamora card, it is additionally clear the set was issued between 1923 & 1927, as the text references championship quantities that put it after the 1921-1922 season and before 1928.  I also assume they would have updated either the photo or the text to specify him having gone back to Espanyol starting with the 1922-23 season if the set had been issued after that season.  Therefore, I think you can safely & accurately update your post to indicate the issuance year as 1922 (or, 1922-23).

I.C. Plauber / Chocolates Comet de Figueras (Black)
I.C. Plauber / Chocolates Comet de Figueras (Blue)
I.C. Plauber / Chocolates Piera & Brugueras - Tarrasa
I.C. Plauber / Chocolates Ribes - Valencia
I.C. Plauber / Reclamos E. Borrás
I.C. Plauber / Casa Valcarcel - Albacete
I.C. Plauber / Chocolates Alcover - Palma de Mallorca
I.C. Plauber / Farmacia y Laboratorio F. Cauhe Llorens - Reus
I.C. Plauber / La Pajarita - Albacete

1.  Alcántara (F.C. Barcelona)
2.  Zamora (F.C. Barcelona)
3.  Bordoy (Europa)
4.  Gularons (F.C. Barcelona)
5.  Mariné (Martinenc)
6.  Samitier (F.C. Barcelona)
7.  Pelaó (Europa)
8.  Gumbau I (C.D. Júpiter)
9.  Bordas (Avenç)
10.  Torralba (F.C. Barcelona)
11.  Olivella (Europa)
12.  Peidró (R.C.D. Español)
13.  Mercader (F.C. Barcelona)
14.  Roca (Avenç)
15.  Martínez Surroca (F.C. Barcelona)
16.  Alcázar (Europa)
17.  Lakatos (Martinenc)
18.  Casanovas (Avenç)
19.  Martínez (Vicente) (F.C. Barcelona)
20.  Pellicer (Europa)
21.  Trallero (Martinenc)
22.  Sellarés (Avenç)
23.  Planas (F.C. Barcelona)
24.  Balaciart (Europa)
25.  Gumbau II (C.D. Júpiter)
26.  Coca (Avenç)
27.  Plazas (Espanya F.C.)
28.  Sancho (F.C. Barcelona)
29.  Vidal (C.D. Júpiter)
30.  Marcet (Martinenc)
31.  Bessas (Martinenc)
32.  Piera (F.C. Barcelona)
33.  Alegre (Europa)
34.  Bertrán (Martinenc)
35.  Cabrera (Avenç)
36.  Sagi-Barba (F.C. Barcelona)
37.  Cros (Europa)
38.  Subirana (Martinenc)
39.  Blanco (F.C. Barcelona)
40.  Serra (Europa)
41.  Gracia (F.C. Barcelona)
42.  Javier (Europa)

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