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D.C. Thomson / The Victor - THO-660/THO-212 Star Teams of 1961

THO-660/THO-212 Star Teams of 1961
D.C. Thomson / The Victor

22 cards

The first six cards were included with The Victor comic in the issue dated 9 September, 1961, along with a special plastic wallet in which to collect the cards. Over the following four weeks a sheet made up of four cards was given free with the comic. Most boys cut them down to fit in the wallet, finding uncut sheets is becoming more and more difficult. I've shown all four sheets here.

01.  Tottenham Hotspur
R. Smith, P. Baker, W. Brown, M. Norman, D. Mackay, R. Henry, C. Jones, J. White, D. Blanchflower (Capt.), L. Allen, T. Dyson 
02.  Sheffield Wednesday
D. Megson, T. McAnearney, G. Young, R. Springett, J. MacLaren, N. Curtis, P. Swan, R. Froggatt, R. Craig, K. Ellis, A. Finney, A. Kay, J. Fantham, D. Wilkinson, J. Martin, P. Johnson, 
03.  Ipswich Town
L. Carberry, R. Pickett, J. Elsworthy, W. Hall, A. Nelson, K. Malcolm, A. Owen, W. Rees, R. Crawford, E. Phillips, J. Leadbetter 
04.  Sheffield United
G. Summers, B. Richardson, J. Shaw, A. Hodgkinson, G. Mason, L. Allchurch, G. Shaw, A. Wilson, D. Shiels, D. Pace, G. Coldwell, W. Russell, R. Simpson, W. Hodgson, J. Nibloe, B. Hartle, T. Hoyland 
05.  Bury
B. Turner, N. Gallacher, R. Stokoe, F. Adams, R. Comney, G. Atherton, W. Calder, W. Holden, D. Watson, A. Jackson, J. Hubbard 
06.  Walsall
R. Faulkner, J. Davies, J. Christie, J. Sharples, K. Ball, J. Dudley, G. Rawlings, T. Richards, A. MCpherson, W. Guttridge, H. Haddington, K. Hodgkinson, C. Taylor, K. Hill, N. Rowe, C. Askey, T. Foster 
07.  Peterborough United
F. Banham, C. Sansby, J. Anderson, J. Walls, J. Walker, R. Whittaker, E. Jacobs, G. Graham, D. Emery, N. Rigby, D. Norris, J. Dunne, K. Ripley, W. Hails, G. Coates, T. Bly, J. Rayner, R. Smith, P. McNamee, T. Atkins, J. Shearville, E. Stafford, J. Taylor, K. Cooper, 
08.  Crystal Palace
G. Petchey, T. Long, V. Rouse, T. Barnett, L. Choules, R. Lunnis, J. Byrne, D. Uphill, R. Summersby, J. McNichol, R. Colfar. 
09.  Leicester City
T. Knapp, I. King, G. Heyes, K. Keyworth, G. Banks, L. Chalmers, D. Hines, A. Dowdells (Coach), C. Appleton, H. Riley, A. Cheeseborough, K. Leek, J. Walsh, G. Wills, Mr. M.J. Gillies (Manager), I. White, R. Norman 
10.  Glasgow Rangers
R. Shearer, W. Ritchie, G. Niven, E. Caldow, H. Davis, W. Paterson, J. Baxter, A. Scott, I. McMillan, J. Millar, R. Brand, D. Wilson, 
11.  Kilmarnock
J. Richmond, M. Watson, McLaughlin, F. Beattie, R. Kennedy, A. Kerr, J. Brown, A. Black, W. Toner, J. McInally, W. Muir 
12.  Dunfermline Athletic
C. Dickson, J. Sweeney, G. Fraser, E. Connachan, G. Smith, G. Miller, G. Peebles, D. Thomson, R. Mailer, W. Cunningham, H. Melrose 
13.  Glasgow Celtic
D. McKay, J. Kennedy, F. Haffey, P. Crerand, B. McNeill, J. Clark, C. Gallacher, W. Fernie, J. Hughes, S. Chalmers, A. Byrne, B. Peacock, 
14.  Linfield
W. Wilson, K. Gilliland, R. Irvine, J. Graham, J. Parke, T. Stuart, W. Ferguson, R. Gough (Captain), J. Walker, T. Dickson, R. Braithwaite 
15.  Glenavon
J. McKinstrey, J. Hughes, J. Kinkead, R. Armstrong, J. Dugan, W. Johnston, S. Magee, J. Jones, S. Campbell, S. Wilson, S. Weatherup 
16.  England XV
J. Roberts (Old Millhillians and Sale), L.I. Rimmer (Bath), R.J. French (St.Helens), P.J. Wright (Blackheath), W.G.D. Morgan (Medicals), V.S.J. Harding (Cambridge University and Saracens), J.P. Horrocks-Taylor (Leicester), W.M. Patterson (Sale), P.B. Jackson (Coventry), C.R. Jacobs (Northampton), R.E.G. Jeeps (Northampton), E. Robinson (Coventry), J.G. Willcox (Oxford University), M.P. Weston (Richmond), D.P. Rogers (Bedford) 
17.  Scotland XV
R.H. Thomson (London Scottish), E. McKeating (Heriot's F.P.), J. Douglas (Stewart's College F.P.), M.J. Campbell-Lamerton (Army), F.H. ten Bos (London Scottish), I.H.P. Laughland (London Scottish), G.D. Stvenson (Hawick), G.K. Smith (Kelso), H.F. McLeod (Hawick), A.R. Smith (Edinburgh Wanderers), N.S. Bruce (London Scottish), D.M.D. Rollo (Howe of Fife), K.I. Ross (Boroughmuir F.P.), A.J. Hastie (Melrose), K.J.F. Scotland (London Scottish) 
18.  Ireland XV
N.A. Murphy (Garryowen), P.A.J. O'Sullivan (Galwegians), B.G.M. Wood (Lansdowne), W.A. Mulcahy (University College, Dublin), M.G. Culliton (Wanderers), A.J.F. O'Reilly (Dolphin), R.J. McCarten (London Irish), J.C. Walsh (University College, Cork), T.J. Kiernan (University College, Cork), A.R. Dawson (Wanderers), S. Millar (Ballymena), J.R. Kavanagh (Wanderers), J. Moffat (Ballymena), K. Armstrong (North of Ireland), D. Hewitt (Queen's University) 
19.  Wales XV
P. Morgan (Aberavon), W.R. Evans (Bridgend), D. Nash (Ebbw Vale), D.E.J. Harris (Cardiff), K.D. Jones (Cardiff), D.I. Bebb (Swansea), B.V. Meredith (Newport), G. Davidge (Newport), T.J. Davies (Llanelly), C.H. Davies (Cardiff), K. Richards (Bridgend), H.W. Roberts (Cardiff), H.J. Morgan (Abertillery), P. Rees (Newport), A. O'Connor (Aberavon) 
20.  St Helens
D. Vines, D. Huddart, K. large, A. Rhodes, W. Smith, S. Terry, C. Watson, D. Harrison, M. Sullivan, A. Murphy, A Terry, T. van Vollenhoven, B. McGinn 
21.  Wigan
F. Griffiths, R. Evans, F. Barton, W. Sayer, B. McTigue, G. Lyon, W. Boston, F. Collier, T. Entwistle, E. Ashton (Captain), S. Fenton, G. Bootle, D. Bolton 
22.  England XI
Jimmy Armfield (Blackpool), Bobby Robson (WBA), Ron Springett (Sheffield Wednesday), Peter Swan (Sheffield Wednesday), Ron Flowers (Wolverhampton Wanderers), Mike McNeill (Middlesbrough), Bryan Douglas (Blackburn Rovers), Jimmy Greaves (Chelsea), Bobby Smith (Tottenham Hotspur), Johnny Haynes (Fulham), Bobby Charlton (Manchester United) 

THO-660/THO-212 Star Teams of 1961 - 9 September, 1961

1.  Tottenham Hotspur
4.  Sheffield United
7.  Peterborough United
17.  Scotland XV (Rugby Union)
21.  Wigan (Rugby League)
22.  England

THO-660/THO-212 Star Teams of 1961 (sheet 1) - 16 September, 1961

11.  Kilmarnock
8.  Crystal Palace
19.  Wales XV (Rugby Union)
3.  Ipswich Town

THO-660/THO-212 Star Teams of 1961 (sheet 2) - 23 September, 1961

9.  Leicester City
18.  Ireland XV (Rugby Union)
20.  St Helens (Rugby League)
13.  Glasgow Celtic

THO-660/THO-212 Star Teams of 1961 (sheet 3) - 30 September, 1961

12.  Dunfermline Athletic
2.  Sheffield Wednesday
15.  Glenavon
6.  Walsall

THO-660/THO-212 Star Teams of 1961 (sheet 4) - 7 October, 1961

16.  England XV (Rugby Union)
5.  Bury
14.  Linfield
10.  Glasgow Rangers

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