Monday, 15 June 2015

A.J. Caley & Son Ltd. / Quax ~ The Chewie Choc - Wisequacks


A.J. Caley & Son Ltd. / Quax ~ The Chewie Choc
48 cards

From a set of 48 cards, probably the only one with a football reference. Thanks to Mark Edwards for drawing this to my attention and for the image shown here. Wisequacks appeared regularly in Mickey Mouse Weekly.

Apparently, if you collected the full set and sent them off to Donald Duck c/o A.J. Caley you would receive a nice album to hold the cards, and they'd return your 48 cards .

1.  Horace: "I say, there isn't much grass on this pitch" Captain: "Don't let that worry you. You're here to play football, not to graze!"

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