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Upper Deck - SP Game Used Soccer (2011)

SP Game Used Soccer
Upper Deck
84 base cards

The first really high-end soccer set issued in the United States.
I have been unable to locate a Career Legacy Triples card of any sort, nor the Premium Parallel and I haven't found a Significant Numbers card either, but all the other cards are represented in the illustrations above.
UPDATE (20-06-2015):  A Significant Numbers card of Abby Wambach has been added to the illustrations above.

1.  Patrick Nyarko (Chicago Fire)
2.  Marco Pappa (Chicago Fire)
3.  Sean Johnson (Chicago Fire)
4.  Jimmy Conrad (C.D. Chivas USA)
5.  Alejandro Moreno (C.D. Chivas USA)
6.  Justin Braun (C.D. Chivas USA)
7.  Matt Pickens (Colorado Rapids)
8.  Omar Cummings (Colorado Rapids)
9.  Conor Casey (Colorado Rapids)
10.  Marvell Wynne (Colorado Rapids)
11.  Andrés Mendoza (Columbus Crew)
12.  Jeff Cunningham (Columbus Crew)
13.  William Hesmer (Columbus Crew)
14.  Dwayne De Rosario (D.C. United)
15.  Chris Pontius (D.C. United)
16.  Josh Wolff (D.C. United)
17.  David Ferreira (F.C. Dallas)
18.  Kevin Hartman (F.C. Dallas)
19.  Brek Shea (F.C. Dallas)
20.  Tally Hall (Houston Dynamo)
21.  Brad Davis (Houston Dynamo)
22.  Brian Ching (Houston Dynamo)
23.  David Beckham (Los Angeles Galaxy)
24.  Landon Donovan (Los Angeles Galaxy)
25.  Juan Pablo Ángel (Los Angeles Galaxy)
26.  Donovan Ricketts (Los Angeles Galaxy)
27.  Kevin Alston (New England Revolution)
28.  Matt Reis (New England Revolution)
29.  Shalrie Joseph (New England Revolution)
30.  Dane Richards (New York Red Bulls)
31.  Dax McCarty (New York Red Bulls)
32.  Bouna Coundoul (New York Red Bulls)
33.  Sébastien Le Toux (Philadelphia Union)
34.  Carlos Ruiz (Philadelphia Union)
35.  Danny Mwanga (Philadelphia Union)
36.  Kenny Cooper (Portland Timbers)
37.  Troy Perkins (Portland Timbers)
38.  Jack Jewsbury (Portland Timbers)
39.  Nick Rimando (Real Salt Lake)
40.  Javier Morales (Real Salt Lake)
41.  Kyle Beckerman (Real Salt Lake)
42.  Jon Busch (San Jose Earthquakes)
43.  Steven Lenhart (San Jose Earthquakes)
44.  Chris Wondolowski (San Jose Earthquakes)
45.  Kasey Keller (Seattle Sounders)
46.  Steve Zakuani (Seattle Sounders)
47.  Fredy Montero (Seattle Sounders)
48.  Kei Kamara (Sporting Kansas City)
49.  Roger Espinoza (Sporting Kansas City)
50.  Teal Bunbury (Sporting Kansas City)
51.  Maicon Santos (Toronto F.C.)
52.  Stefan Frei (Toronto F.C.)
53.  Alan Gordon (Toronto F.C.)
54.  Jay Nolly (Vancouver Whitecaps)
55.  Atiba Harris (Vancouver Whitecaps)
56.  Kelly Smith (Boston Breakers)
57.  Amy Rodriguez  (Philadelphia Independence)
58.  Christine Sinclair (Western New York Flash)
59.  Abby Wambach (Boca Raton magicJack)
60.  Marta (Western New York Flash)

SP Game-Used Soccer - Authentic Rookies - #/499

61.  Will Bruin (Houston Dynamo)
62.  Diego Chaves (Chicago Fire)
63.  Calleb Forlan (Colorado Rapids)
64.  Perry Kitchen (D.C. United)
65.  Joao Plata (Toronto FC)
66.  Faryd Mondragon (Philadelphia Union)
67.  Davide Chiumento (Seattle Sounders)
68.  Pavel Pardo (Chicago Fire)
69.  Luke Rodgers (New York Red Bulls)
70.  Simon Dawkins (San Jose Earthquakes)
71.  Mauro Rosales (Seattle Sounders)
72.  Omar Bravo (Sporting Kansas City)
73.  Javier Martina (Toronto FC)
74.  Eric Hassli (Vancouver Whitecaps)
75.  Camilo Sanvezzo (Vancouver Whitecaps)
76.  Alex Morgan (Western New York Flash)

SP Game-Used Soccer - Authentic Rookies - #/99

77.  Andy Najar (D.C. United)
78.  Charlie Davies (D.C. United)
79.  Rafael Márquez (New York Red Bulls)
80.  Juan Agudelo (New York Red Bulls)
81.  Thierry Henry (New York Red Bulls)
82.  Álvaro Saborío (Real Salt Lake)
83.  Jay Demerit (Vancouver Whitecaps)
84.  Benny Feilhaber (New England Revolution)

SP Game-Used Soccer - Authentic Fabrics
PARALLEL:  SP Game-Used Soccer - Authentic Fabrics - Premium Series - #/35
32 cards

AF-AW.  Abby Wambach (Boca Raton magicJack)
AF-BC.  Brian Ching (Houston Dynamo)
AF-CC.  Conor Casey (Colorado Rapids)
AF-CO.  Bobby Convey (San Jose Earthquakes)
AF-CS.  Christine Sinclair (Western New York Flash)
AF-CW.  Chris Wondolowski (SJ Earthquakes)
AF-DA.  Davy Arnaud (Sporting Kansas City)
AF-DB.  David Beckham (Los Angeles Galaxy)
AF-DD.  Dwayne De Rosario (D.C. United)
AF-DF.  David Ferreira (F.C. Dallas)
AF-GS.  Gonzalo Segares (Chicago Fire)
AF-HE.  Thierry Henry (New York Red Bulls)
AF-HP.  Heath Pearce (C.D. Chivas USA)
AF-JA.  Juan Pablo Ángel (Los Angeles Galaxy)
AF-JB.  Justin Braun (C.D. Chivas USA)
AF-JK.  Jovan Kirovski (Los Angeles Galaxy)
AF-JO.  Jámison Olave (Real Salt Lake)
AF-KB.  Kyle Beckerman (Real Salt Lake)
AF-KE.  Kasey Keller (Seattle Sounders)
AF-KK.  Kei Kamara (Sporting Kansas City)
AF-LD.  Landon Donovan (Los Angeles Galaxy)
AF-MP.  Marco Pappa (Chicago Fire)
AF-MR.  Matt Reis (New England Revolution)
AF-MW.  Marvell Wynne (Colorado Rapids)
AF-NR.  Nick Rimando (Real Salt Lake)
AF-OC.  Omar Cummings (Colorado Rapids)
AF-RM.  Rafael Márquez (New York Red Bulls)
AF-SF.  Stefan Frei (Toronto F.C.)
AF-SJ.  Shalrie Joseph (New England Revolution)
AF-SZ.  Steve Zakuani (Seattle Sounders)
AF-TH.  Tally Hall (Houston Dynamo)
AF-WH.  William Hesmer (Columbus Crew)

SP Game-Used Soccer - Dual Authentic Fabrics - #/99
PARALLEL:  SP Game-Used Soccer - Dual Authentic Fabrics - Premium Series - #/25
17 cards

AF2-ARG.  Pablo Mastroeni (Colorado Rapids)
AF2-ARG.  Javier Morales (Real Salt Lake)
AF2-CAN.  Dwayne De Rosario (D.C. United)
AF2-CAN.  Julian de Guzman (Toronto FC)
AF2-COL1.  Juan Pablo Ángel (Los Angeles Galaxy)
AF2-COL1.  Jámison Olave (Real Salt Lake)
AF2-COL2.  Fredy Montero (Seattle Sounders)
AF2-COL2.  David Ferreira (F.C. Dallas)
AF2-FRA.  Thierry Henry (New York Red Bulls)
AF2-FRA.  Sébastien Le Toux (Philadelphia Union)
AF2-GAX.  David Beckham (Los Angeles Galaxy)
AF2-GAX.  Sean Franklin (Los Angeles Galaxy)
AF2-GUA.  Carlos Ruiz (Philadelphia Union)
AF2-GUA.  Marco Pappa (Chicago Fire)
AF2-HON.  Andy Najar (D.C. United)   -   not issued
AF2-HON.  Roger Espinoza (Sporting Kansas City)   -   not issued
AF2-JAM.  Donovan Ricketts (Los Angeles Galaxy) 
AF2-JAM.  Omar Cummings (Colorado Rapids)
AF2-LAG.  David Beckham (Los Angeles Galaxy)
AF2-LAG.  Landon Donovan (Los Angeles Galaxy)
AF2-PH.  Matt Pickens (Colorado Rapids)
AF2-PH.  Kevin Hartman (F.C. Dallas)
AF2-PHI.  Carlos Ruiz (Philadelphia Union) 
AF2-PHI.  Sébastien Le Toux (Philadelphia Union)
AF2-RAP.  Omar Cummings (Colorado Rapids)
AF2-RAP.  Conor Casey (Colorado Rapids)
AF2-REV.  Matt Reis (New England Revolution)
AF2-REV.  Shalrie Joseph (New England Revolution)
AF2-RSL.  Kyle Beckerman (Real Salt Lake)
AF2-RSL.  Nick Rimando (Real Salt Lake)
AF2-SKC.  Davy Arnaud (Sporting Kansas City)
AF2-SKC.  Roger Espinoza (Sporting Kansas City)
AF2-USA.  Landon Donovan (Los Angeles Galaxy)
AF2-USA.  Tim Ream (New York Red Bulls)
AF2-VEN.  Emilio Renteria (Columbius Crew)
AF2-VEN.  Alejandro Moreno (C.D. Chivas USA)

SP Game-Used Soccer - Triple Authentic Fabrics- #/50
PARALLEL:  SP Game-Used Soccer - Triple Authentic Fabrics - Premium Series - #/15
11 cards

AF3-CHV.  Zach Thornton (C.D. Chivas USA)
AF3-CHV.  Justin Braun (C.D. Chivas USA)
AF3-CHV.  Alejandro Moreno (C.D. Chivas USA)
AF3-CMB.  Jeff Cunningham (Columbus Crew)
AF3-CMB.  William Hesmer (Columbus Crew)
AF3-CMB.  Chad Marshall (Columbus Crew)
AF3-GBOOT.  Chris Wondolowski (San Jose Earthquakes)
AF3-GBOOT.  Jeff Cunningham (Columbus Crew)
AF3-GBOOT.  Landon Donovan (Los Angeles Galaxy)
AF3-INT.  Seabastian Le Toux (Philadelphia Union)
AF3-INT.  Thierry Henry (New York Red Bulls)
AF3-INT.  David Beckham (Los Angeles Galaxy)
AF3-MVP.  Carlos Ruiz (Philadelphia Union)
AF3-MVP.  Landon Donovan (Los Angeles Galaxy)
AF3-MVP.  David Ferreira (F.C. Dallas)
AF3-NYRB.  Thierry Henry (New York Red Bulls)
AF3-NYRB.  Tim Ream (New York Red Bulls)
AF3-NYRB.  Rafael Márquez (New York Red Bulls)
AF3-PHI.  Danny Mwanga (Philadelphia Union)
AF3-PHI.  Sébastien Le Toux (Philadelphia Union)
AF3-PHI.  Carlos Ruiz (Philadelphia Union)
AF3-REV.  Matt Reis (New England Revolution)
AF3-REV.  Shalrie Joseph (New England Revolution)
AF3-REV.  Kheli Dube (New England Revolution)
AF3-RKYR.  Omar Gonzalez (Los Angeles Galaxy)   -   not issued
AF3-RKYR.  Andy Najar (D.C. United)   -   not issued
AF3-RKYR.  Sean Franklin (Los Angeles Galaxy)   -   not issued
AF3-RSL.  Jámison Olave (Real Salt Lake)
AF3-RSL.  Kyle Beckerman (Real Salt Lake)
AF3-RSL.  Nick Rimando (Real Salt Lake)
AF3-TKPR.  Jon Busch (San Jose Earthquakes)
AF3-TKPR.  Donovan Ricketts (Los Angeles Galaxy)
AF3-TKPR.  Zach Thornton (C.D. Chivas USA)
AF3-WMN.  Abby Wambach (Boca Raton magicJack)
AF3-WMN.  Amy Rodriguez  (Philadelphia Independence)
AF3-WMN.  Shannon Boxx (Boca Raton magicJack)

SP Game-Used Soccer - Quad Authentic Fabrics - #/25
PARALLEL:  SP Game-Used Soccer - Quad Authentic Fabrics - Premium Series - #/10
7 cards

AF4-CHAMP.  Omar Cummings (Colorado Rapids)
AF4-CHAMP.  Conor Casey (Colorado Rapids)
AF4-CHAMP.  Matt Pickens (Colorado Rapids)
AF4-CHAMP.  Marvell Wynne (Colorado Rapids)
AF4-GOL1.  Kasey Keller (Seattle Sounders)
AF4-GOL1.  Jon Busch (San Jose Earthquakes)
AF4-GOL1.  Kevin Hartman (F.C. Dallas)
AF4-GOL1.  Matt Reis (New England Revolution)
AF4-GOL2.  Nick Rimando (Real Salt Lake)
AF4-GOL2.  William Hesmer (Columbus Crew)
AF4-GOL2.  Matt Pickens (Colorado Rapids)
AF4-GOL2.  Donovan Ricketts (Los Angeles Galaxy)
AF4-INT.  Carlos Ruiz (Philadelphia Union)
AF4-INT.  David Beckham (Los Angeles Galaxy)
AF4-INT.  Thierry Henry (New York Red Bulls)
AF4-INT.  Rafael Márquez (New York Red Bulls)
AF4-MLSAS.  Juan Pablo Ángel (Los Angeles Galaxy)
AF4-MLSAS.  Landon Donovan (Los Angeles Galaxy)
AF4-MLSAS.  Brian Ching (Houston Dynamo)
AF4-MLSAS.  Sébastien Le Toux (Philadelphia Union)
AF4-USWN.  Shannon Boxx (Boca Raton magicJack)
AF4-USWN.  Lori Lindsey (Philadelphia Independence)
AF4-USWN.  Abby Wambach (Boca Raton magicJack)
AF4-USWN.  Heather O'Reilly (Sky Blue FC)
AF4-WPSAS.  Marta (Western New York Flash)
AF4-WPSAS.  Christine Sinclair (Western New York Flash)
AF4-WPSAS.  Abby Wambach (Boca Raton magicJack)
AF4-WPSAS.  Kelly Smith (Boston Breakers)

SP Game-Used Soccer - Supreme Fabrics - #/15 or less
44 cards

SF-AN.  Juan Pablo Ángel (Los Angeles Galaxy)
SF-AW.  Abby Wambach (Boca Raton magicJack)
SF-BC.  Bobby Convey (San Jose Earthquakes)
SF-BD.  Brad Davis (Houston Dynamo)
SF-CB.  Chad Barrett (Los Angeles Galaxy) 
SF-CC.  Conor Casey (Colorado Rapids)
SF-CD.  Charlie Davies (D.C. United)
SF-CH.  Brian Ching (Houston Dynamo)
SF-CM.  Chad Marshall (Columbus Crew)
SF-CS.  Christine Sinclair (Western NY Flash)
SF-DA.  Davy Arnaud (Sporting Kansas City)
SF-DB.  David Beckham (Los Angeles Galaxy)
SF-DD.  Dwayne De Rosario (D.C. United)
SF-DF.  David Ferreira (F.C. Dallas)
SF-FM.  Fredy Montero (Seattle Sounders)
SF-GS.  Gonzalo Segares (Chicago Fire)
SF-HE.  Thierry Henry (New York Red Bulls)
SF-HP.  Heath Pearce (C.D. Chivas USA)
SF-JB.  Justin Braun (C.D. Chivas USA)
SF-JC.  Jeff Cunningham (Columbus Crew)
SF-JG.  Julian de Guzman (Toronto FC)
SF-JM.  Javier Morales (Real Salt Lake)
SF-JO.  Jámison Olave (Real Salt Lake)
SF-KA.  Kevin Alston (New England Revolution)
SF-KB.  Kyle Beckerman (Real Salt Lake)
SF-KE.  Kei Kamara (Sporting Kansas City)
SF-KK.  Kasey Keller (Seattle Sounders)
SF-LD.  Landon Donovan (Los Angeles Galaxy)
SF-MP.  Matt Pickens (Colorado Rapids)
SF-MR.  Matt Reis (New England Revolution)
SF-MW.  Marvell Wynne (Colorado Rapids)    -   not issued
SF-NR.  Nick Rimando (Real Salt Lake)
SF-OA.  Osvaldo Alonso (Seattle Sounders)
SF-OC.  Omar Cummings (Colorado Rapids)
SF-PA.  Marco Pappa (Chicago Fire)
SF-PM.  Pablo Mastroeni (Colorado Rapids)
SF-RE.  Roger Espinoza (Sporting Kansas City)
SF-RM.  Rafael Márquez (New York Red Bulls)
SF-SF.  Sean Franklin (Los Angeles Galaxy)
SF-SJ.  Shalrie Joseph (New England Revolution)
SF-SL.  Sébastien Le Toux (Philadelphia Union)
SF-SZ.  Steve Zakuani (Seattle Sounders)
SF-TH.  Tally Hall (Houston Dynamo)
SF-WH.  William Hesmer (Columbus Crew)
SF-ZT.  Zach Thornton (C.D. Chivas USA)

SP Game-Used Soccer - SIGnificance Autographs - #/25 or #/10 (Short Print)
44 cards

SIG-AM.  Alex Morgan (Western New York Flash)   -   Short Print #/10
SIG-AN.  Andy Najar (D.C. United)
SIG-AS.  Álvaro Saborío (Real Salt Lake)
SIG-BC.  Bobby Convey (San Jose Earthquakes)
SIG-BD.  Brad Davis (Houston Dynamo)
SIG-CB.  Chad Barrett (Los Angeles Galaxy)
SIG-CC.  Conor Casey (Colorado Rapids)
SIG-CH.  Brian Ching (Houston Dynamo)
SIG-CO.  Jimmy Conrad (C.D. Chivas USA)
SIG-CW.  Chris Wondolowski (San Jose Earthquakes)   -   Short Print #/10
SIG-DA.  Davy Arnaud (Sporting Kansas City)
SIG-DD.  Dwayne De Rosario (D.C. United)
SIG-DF.  David Ferreira (FC Dallas)   -   Short Print #/10
SIG-DM.  Danny Mwanga (Philadelphia Union)   -   Short Print #/10
SIG-DR.  Donovan Ricketts (Los Angeles Galaxy)
SIG-FE.  Fabián Espíndola (Real Salt Lake)
SIG-FR.  Stefan Frei (Toronto FC.)
SIG-HP.  Heath Pearce (C.D. Chivas USA)
SIG-JB.  Justin Braun (C.D. Chivas USA)
SIG-JA.  Juan Agudelo (New York Red Bulls)   -   Short Print #/10
SIG-JO.  Jámison Olave (Real Salt Lake)
SIG-JPA.  Juan Pablo Ángel (Los Angeles Galaxy)
SIG-KA.  Kevin Alston (New England Revolution)
SIG-KB.  Kyle Beckerman (Real Salt Lake)
SIG-KE.  Kasey Keller (Seattle Sounders)
SIG-KH.  Kevin Hartman (FC Dallas)
SIG-KK.  Kei Kamara (Sporting Kansas City)
SIG-LD.  Landon Donovan (Los Angeles Galaxy)   -   Short Print #/10
SIG-MH.  Mia Hamm (Washington Freedom)   -   Short Print #/10    -   not issued
SIG-MP.  Matt Pickens (Colorado Rapids)
SIG-MS.  Michael Stephens (Los Angeles Galaxy)
SIG-MW.  Marvell Wynne (Colorado Rapids)
SIG-NR.  Nick Rimando (Real Salt Lake)
SIG-PM.  Pablo Mastroeni (Colorado Rapids)
SIG-OC.  Omar Cummings (Colorado Rapids)   -   Short Print #/10
SIG-OS.  Omar Salgado (Vancouver Whitecaps)   -   Short Print #/10
SIG-PN.  Patrick Nyarko (Chicago Fire)
SIG-RE.  Matt Reis (New England Revolution)
SIG-RJ.  Ryan Johnson (San Jose Earthquakes)
SIG-RM.  Rafael Márquez (New York Red Bulls)
SIG-RR.  Robbie Rogers (Columbus Crew)
SIG-SF.  Sean Franklin (Los Angeles Galaxy)
SIG-SL.  Sébastien Le Toux (Philadelphia Union)   -   Short Print #/10
SIG-SZ.  Steve Zakuani (Seattle Sounders)
SIG-ZS.  Zack Schilawski (New England Revolution)

SP Game-Used Soccer - Extra SIGnificance Autographs - #/10 or less
10 cards

XSG-ARG.  Javier Morales (Real Salt Lake)
XSG-ARG.  Fabián Espíndola (Real Salt Lake)
XSG-CMB.  Juan Pablo Ángel (Los Angeles Galaxy)
XSG-CMB.  Juan Agudelo (New York Red Bulls)
XSG-CUP.  Matt Pickens (Colorado Rapids)
XSG-CUP.  Kevin Hartman (F.C. Dallas)
XSG-JAM1.  Ryan Johnson (San Jose Earthquakes)
XSG-JAM1.  Jeff Cunningham (Columbus Crew)
XSG-JAM2.  Omar Cummings (Colorado Rapids)
XSG-JAM2.  Donovan Ricketts (Los Angeles Galaxy)
XSG-LAG.  Landon Donovan (Los Angeles Galaxy)
XSG-LAG.  Juan Pablo Ángel (Los Angeles Galaxy)
XSG-NYR.  Juan Agudelo (New York Red Bulls)
XSG-NYR.  Rafael Márquez (New York Red Bulls)
XSG-PHI.  Sébastien Le Toux (Philadelphia Union)
XSG-PHI.  Danny Mwanga (Philadelphia Union)
XSG-USA.  Chris Wondolowski (San Jose Earthquakes)
XSG-USA.  Landon Donovan (Los Angeles Galaxy)
XSG-WMC.  Mia Hamm (Washington Freedom)
XSG-WMC.  Brandi Chastain (California Storm)

SP Game-Used Soccer - Triple SIGnificance Autographs - #/5 or less
5 cards

TSG-GOL.  Donovan Ricketts (Los Angeles Galaxy)
TSG-GOL.  Kevin Hartman (F.C. Dallas)
TSG-GOL.  Nick Rimando (Real Salt Lake)
TSG-LAG.  Landon Donovan (Los Angeles Galaxy)
TSG-LAG.  Chad Barrett (Los Angeles Galaxy)
TSG-LAG.  Donovan Ricketts (Los Angeles Galaxy)
TSG-NYR.  John Rooney (New York Red Bulls)
TSG-NYR.  Juan Agudelo (New York Red Bulls)
TSG-NYR.  Rafael Márquez (New York Red Bulls)
TSG-SCR.  Omar Cummings (Colorado Rapids)
TSG-SCR.  Chris Wondolowski (San Jose Earthquakes)
TSG-SCR.  Dwayne De Rosario (D.C. United)
TSG-YGS.  Danny Mwanga (Philadelphia Union)
TSG-YGS.  Juan Agudelo (New York Red Bulls)
TSG-YGS.  Andy Najar (D.C. United)

SP Game-Used Soccer - Career Legacy Duals - #/75
PARALLEL:  SP Game-Used Soccer - Career Legacy Duals - Premium Series - #/25
8 cards

CL2-BC.  Brian Ching (Houston Dynamo)
CL2-BC.  Brian Ching (San Jose Earthquakes)
CL2-BD.  Brad Davis (Dallas Burn)
CL2-BD.  Brad Davis (Houston Dynamo)
CL2-CR.  Carlos Ruiz (Dallas FC)
CL2-CR.  Carlos Ruiz (Los Angeles Galaxy)
CL2-EG.  Eddie Gaven (Columbus Crew)
CL2-EG.  Eddie Gaven (NY/NJ MetroStars)
CL2-JA.  Juan Pablo Ángel (Los Angeles Galaxy)
CL2-JA.  Juan Pablo Ángel (New York Red Bulls)
CL2-JC.  Jeff Cunningham (Dallas FC)
CL2-JC.  Jeff Cunningham (Columbus Crew)
CL2-JW.  Josh Wolff (D.C. United)
CL2-JW.  Josh Wolff (Kansas City Wizards)
CL2-LD.  Landon Donovan (Los Angeles Galaxy)
CL2-LD.  Landon Donovan (San Jose Earthquakes)

SP Game-Used Soccer - Career Legacy Triples  - #/25
PARALLEL:  SP Game-Used Soccer - Career Legacy Triples - Premium Series - #/10
2 cards

CL3-DR.  Dwayne De Rosario (Toronto FC)
CL3-DR.  Dwayne De Rosario (Houston Dynamo)
CL3-DR.  Dwayne De Rosario (San Jose Earthquakes)
CL3-JC.  Joe Cannon (Colorado Rapids?)
CL3-JC.  Joe Cannon (Los Angeles Galaxy)
CL3-JC.  Joe Cannon (San Jose Earthquakes)

SP Game-Used Soccer - Inked Fabrics - #/15
10 cards

IF-AW.  Abby Wambach (Boca Raton magicJack)
IF-BC.  Brian Ching (Houston Dynamo)
IF-CW.  Chris Wondolowski (San Jose Earthquakes)
IF-DM.  Danny Mwanga (Philadelphia Union)
IF-JA.  Juan Pablo Ángel (Los Angeles Galaxy)
IF-KK.  Kasey Keller (Seattle Sounders)
IF-LD.  Landon Donovan (Los Angeles Galaxy)
IF-NR.  Nick Rimando (Real Salt Lake)
IF-RM.  Rafael Márquez (New York Red Bulls)
IF-SL.  Sébastien Le Toux (Philadelphia Union)

SP Game-Used Soccer - Significant Numbers (#/shirt number)
9 cards

SN-AW.  Abby Wambach (Boca Raton magicJack)   #/20
SN-BC.  Brian Ching (Houston Dynamo)    -   not issued
SN-CW.  Chris Wondolowski (SJ Earthquakes)   #/8
SN-DF.  David Ferreira (FC Dallas)   #/10
SN-DM.  Danny Mwanga (Philadelphia Union)   #/10
SN-KK.  Kasey Keller (Seattle Sounders)   #/18
SN-LD.  Landon Donovan (Los Angeles Galaxy)   #/10
SN-OC.  Omar Cummings (Colorado Rapids)   #/14
SN-JPA.  Juan Pablo Ángel (Los Angeles Galaxy)   #/9
SN-SLT. Sébastien Le Toux (Philadelphia Union)   #/9

SP Game-Used Soccer - By The Letter Game Used Nameplate (#/letters in name)
15 players

BL-AN.  Andy Najar (D.C. United)
BL-AW.  Abby Wambach (Boca Raton magicJack)
BL-BC.  Brian Ching (Houston Dynamo)
BL-CD.  Charlie Davies (D.C. United)
BL-CW.  Chris Wondolowski (San Jose Earthquakes)
BL-DB.  David Beckham (Los Angeles Galaxy)
BL-KB.  Kyle Beckerman (Real Salt Lake)
BL-KH.  Kevin Hartman (FC Dallas)
BL-KK.  Kasey Keller (Seattle Sounders)
BL-LD.  Landon Donovan (Los Angeles Galaxy)
BL-MA.  Marta (Western New York Flash)
BL-OC.  Omar Cummings (Colorado Rapids)
BL-RM.  Rafael Márquez (New York Red Bulls)
BL-SJ.  Shalrie Joseph (New England Revolution)
BL-TH.  Thierry Henry (New York Red Bulls)

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