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Godfrey Phillips Ltd. - Pinnace Footballers (4)

Pinnace Footballers
Godfrey Phillips Ltd.
2462 cards

I spent some time yesterday browsing Roger Pashby's superb Pinnace Collection website and was reminded of all the cards that were updated or amended. I've gone through my database to produce this list. I've only included cards where there are changes to the players name or team. Sometimes players were transferred and these are recorded as the cards show the names of the new teams - Kneeshaw (card 519) originally appeared as Knushaw.
Team names were shortened or extended - e.g. West Bromwich Albion becoming W.B. Albion, Newport with and without County, Southend with and without United, Sheffield Wed and Sheffield Wednesday.
Sometimes the players name appeared in the panel at the bottom of the card and the team name is missing. Most, if not all of these cards had the team name pasted on a small label on the back of the cards - these are recorded too.
The Rugby Football League was known as Northern Union when these cards first appeared and many, if not all, of the rugby league players can be found with the team name followed by both 'N.U.' and 'R.F.L.'. The ones that are known to be available in both versions are included in the list.
I have not included any cards where the player appears larger or smaller in the picture, where the background is darker or lighter, where the number appears alongside the team caption or above it or any other variation. Compiling those details would be a huge task and is beyond me at the moment, but if anyone does decide that research is worth undertaking I would certainly be happy to publish that information on this blog.

1.  G.W. Wallace (Aston Villa)
1.  G.W. Wallace (Oldham)
1.  G.W. Wallace (Oldham Athletic)
1.  C.W. Wallace (Oldham Athletic)
2.  A. Ducat (Aston Villa)
2.  A. Ducat (Fulham)
3.  T. Weston (Aston Villa)
3.  T. Weston (Stoke)
4.  S. Hardy (Aston Villa)
4.  S. Hardy (Notts Forest)
5.  S.J. Taylor (Huddersfield Town)
5.  S.J. Taylor (Sheffield Wed)
7.  A. Mutch (Huddersfield Town)
7.  A. Mutch (Newcastle United)
14.  H. Storer (Derby County)
14.  H. Storer (Grimsby)
15.  T. Spink (Grimsby)
15.  T. Spink (Grimsby Town)
17.  H. Millership (Barnsley)
17.  H. Millership (Rotherham County)
20.  J. Branston (Preston North End)
20.  J. Branston (Rotherham County)
20.  J.H. Branston (Rotherham County)
21.  A.E. Quantrill (Derby County)
21.  A.E. Quantrill (Preston N. E.)
21.  A.E. Quantrill (Preston North End)
24.  N. Burton (Derby County)
24.  N. Burton (Notts Forest)
29.  J.C. Lane (Birmingham)
29.  J.C. Lane (Millwall Athletic)
33.  G.W.C Donkin (Barnsley)
33.  G. Dobson (Norwich)
33.  G. Dobson (Norwich City)
37.  S. Richardson (W. B. Albion)
37.  S. Richardson (West Bromwich Albion)
39.  J. Pennington (W. B. Albion)
39.  J. Pennington (West Bromwich Albion)
42.  R. Reader (Bristol City)
42.  A. Bown (Bristol City)
43.  L. Banfield (Bristol City  -  no team)
43.  L. Banfield (Bristol City)
44.  J.E. Wren (Bristol City)
44.  J.E. Wren (Notts County)
49.  F. Gregory (Watford  -  no team)
49.  F. Gregory (Watford)
50.  C. White (Watford  -  no team)
50.  C. White (Watford)
51.  P. Ronald (Notts Forest)
51.  P. Ronald (Watford)
52.  R. Williams (Watford  -  no team)
52.  R. Williams (Watford)
53.  J.H. Feebury (Brighton & H. A.)
53.  J.H. Feebery (Exeter City)
55.  J. Coleburne (Swindon  -  no team)
55.  J. Coleburne (Exeter City)
55.  J. Coleburne (Swindon)
56.  R.H. Pym (Bolton Wanderers)
56.  R.H. Pym (Exeter City)
58.  R. Bond (Blackburn Rovers)
58.  R. Bond (Bradford City)
60.  J. McIlvenny (Blackpool)
60.  J. McIlvenny (Bradford City)
61.  T. Meehan (Chelsea)
61.  T. Meechan (Manchester United)
62.  W. Meredith (Manchester City)
62.  W. Meredith (Manchester United)
65.  E. Scattergood (Bradford  -  no team)
65.  E. Scattergood (Bradford)
66.  D. Howie (Bradford  -  no team)
66.  D. Howie (Bradford)
68.  T.S.C. Little (Bradford)
68.  T.S.C. Little (Stoke)
69.  J. Blair (Cardiff City)
69.  J. Blair (Sheffield Wed.)
69.  J. Blair (Sheffield Wednesday)
70.  G. Wilson (Sheffield Wed.)
70.  G. Wilson (Sheffield Wednesday)
71.  A. Price (Sheffield Wed.)
71.  A. Price (Sheffield Wednesday)
72.  J.E. Davison (Sheffield Wed.)
72.  J.E. Davison (Sheffield Wednesday)
74.  W. Charlton (Newport County)
74.  W. Charlton (South Shields)
74.  W. Charlton (West Ham U.)
76.  W. Cresswell (South Shields)
76.  W. Cresswell (Sunderland)
79.  Bert Bliss (Clapton Orient)
79.  Bert Bliss (Tottenham Hotspurs)
89.  J.B. Butler (Arsenal)
89.  J.D. Butler (Arsenal)
92.  F. Groves (Arsenal)
92.  F. Groves (Brighton & H. A.)
97.  G. Butcher (Luton)
97.  G. Butcher (Luton Town)
97.  G. Butcher (West Ham U.)
98.  J. McCrae (Bury)
98.  J. McCrae (West Ham U.)
99.  S.C. Puddefoot (Falkirk)
99.  S.C. Puddefoot (West Ham U.)
103.  W. Woodcock (Manchester City)
103.  W. Woodcock (Stockport County)
105.  H. Gough (Sheffield U.)
105.  H. Gough (Sheffield United)
106.  H. Johnson (Sheffield U.)
106.  H. Johnson (Sheffield United)
107.  S. Fazackerley (Everton)
107.  S. Fazackerley (Sheffield U.)
107.  S. Fazackerley (Wolverhampton W.)
108.  E. Milton (Sheffield U.)
108.  E. Milton (Sheffield United)
110.  J.S. Poole (Sunderland  -  no credit)
110.  J.S. Poole (Sunderland  -  with credit)
111.  B. Travers (Fulham  -  no credit)
111.  B. Travers (Fulham  -  with credit)
111.  B. Travers (Sunderland  -  with credit)
114.  H. Hird (Blackpool)
114.  H. Hird (Bury)
119.  A. Metcalf (Accrington Stanley)
119.  A. Metcalf (Stockport County)
119.  A. Metcalf (Swindon)
120.  J. Graham (Exeter City)
120.  J. Graham (Stockport County)
121.  E. Simms (Luton Town)
121.  E. Simms (South Shields)
122.  J.R. Elvey (Arsenal)
122.  J.R. Elvey (Bolton Wanderers)
122.  J.R. Elvey (Luton Town)
125.  R. Blood (Port Vale)
125.  R. Blood (W. B. Albion)
125.  R. Blood (West Bromwich Albion)
134.  G.H. Douglas (Burnley)
134.  G.H. Douglas (Leicester City)
134.  G.H. Douglas (Oldham Athletic)
135.  S. Currie (Leicester City)
135.  S. Currie (Wigan Boro')
136.  J. Paterson (Leicester City)
136.  J. Paterson (Sunderland)
138.  H. Hart (Airdrieonians)
138.  H. Hart (Everton)
139.  W. Watson (Airdrieonians)
139.  W. Watson (Bradford City)
143.  H.J. Fleming (Swindon  -  no team)
143.  H.J. Fleming (Swindon)
146.  C. W. Harbridge (Charlton Athletic)
146.  C. W. Harbridge (Civil Service)
146.  C. W. Harbridge (Reading)
149.  S. Stevens (Coventry City)
149.  S. Stevens (Hull City)
150.  D. Mercer (Hull City)
150.  D. Mercer (Sheffield U.)
150.  D. Mercer (Sheffield United)
152.  G. Morrall (Grimsby Town)
152.  G. Morrall (Hull City)
156.  T. Gibson (Coventry City)
156.  F. Gibson (Coventry City)
158.  E. McBain (Ayr United)
158.  N. McBain (Everton)
158.  E. McBain (Manchester United)
160.  J. Richardson (Ayr United)
160.  J. Richardson (Millwall Athletic)
163.  R. McDougall (Ayr United)
163.  R. McDougall (Falkirk)
165.  A. Doran (Brighton & H. A.)
165.  J. Doran (Brighton & H. A.)
165.  J. Doran (Manchester City)
170.  F. Stringfellow (Hearts)
170.  F. Stringfellow (Portsmouth)
172.  J. Armstrong (Norwich City)
172.  J. Armstrong (Portsmouth)
172.  J. Armstrong (Sheffield Wed.)
173.  A.H. Amos (Brentford)
173.  A.H. Amos (Millwall Athletic)
182.  T. McInally (Celtic  -  no team)
182.  Tom McInally (Celtic)
183.  John Gilchrist (Celtic)
183.  John Gilchrist (Preston N. E.)
187.  H. Hillhouse (Albion Rovers)
187.  H. Hillhouse (Third Lanark)
190.  J. Bell (Albion Rovers)
190.  J. Bell (Dundee)
191.  Alex. Troup (Dundee)
191.  Alex. Troup (Everton)
192.  K. Gibbon (Dundee)
192.  T. Gibbon (Luton Town)
193.  A. Wright (Aberdeen)
193.  A. Wright (Hearts)
207.  J.N. Kirkpatrick (Plymouth Argyle)
207.  J. Kirkpatrick (Plymouth Argyle)
213.  W. Birrell (Middlesbro')
213.  W. Birrell (Raith Rovers)
214.  R. Archibald (Raith Rovers  -  no team)
214.  R. Archbald (Raith Rovers)
216.  T. Duncan (Leicester City)
216.  T. Duncan (Raith Rovers)
220.  H. Crossthwaite (Stockport County)
220.  H. Crosthwaite (Stoke)
221.  W. Lavery (Port Vale)
221.  W. Lavery (St. Mirren)
223.  W.O. Hagan (Airdrieonians)
223.  W.O. Hagan (Norwich City)
223.  W.O. Hagan (St. Mirren)
223.  W. O'Hagan (Norwich City)
224.  C. Pringle (Manchester City)
224.  C. Pringle (St. Mirren)
225.  J.C. Hugall (Clapton Orient)
225.  J.C. Hugall (Hamilton Accies)
231.  G. Wall (Hamilton Accies)
231.  G. Wall (Oldham Athletic)
231.  G. Wall (Rochdale)
232.  E. Taylor (Huddersfield Town)
232.  E. Taylor (Oldham Athletic)
234.  J. Heathcote (Blackpool)
234.  J. Heathcote (Notts County)
236.  H. Keenan (Blackpool (same picture)
236.  W. Rooks (Blackpool (see No. 1710)
245.  W. Gould (Queen's Park)
245.  W. Gould (Rangers - caption panel same as Queen's Park)
245.  W. Gould (Rangers - caption panel resized to fit Rangers)
246.  J. Dickson (Hamilton Accies)
246.  J. Dickson (Queen's Park)
251.  Ivor Jones (Swansea Town)
251.  Ivor Jones (W. B. Albion)
251.  Ivor Jones (West Bromwich Albion)
252.  W.Y. Brown (Northampton)
252.  W.Y. Brown (Swansea Town)
257.  W. White (Hamilton Accies)
257.  W. White (Hearts)
258.  E. Hall (Halifax Town)
258.  E. Hall (Hamilton Accies)
258.  E. Hall (Millwall Athletic)
260.  R. Little (Hamilton Accies)
260.  R. Little (Motherwell)
262.  A. Cashmore (Cardiff City)
262.  A. Cashmore (Cardiff City - different player)
262.  A. Cashmore (Notts County)
263.  E. Smith (Cardiff City)
263.  A. Smith (Cardiff City)
265.  H. Morris (Clyde)
265.  H. Morris (Manchester City)
266.  J. J. Quinn (Ayr United)
266.  J. J. Quinn (Clyde)
268.  F. Thompson (Clyde)
268.  F. Thomson (Clyde)
278.  D. Walker (Dumbarton)
278.  D. Walker (St Mirren)
279.  R. McDermiad (Dumbarton)
279.  R. McDermiad (Rangers)
280.  J. Scott (Dumbarton)
280.  J. Scott (Third Lanark)
282.  J.G. Cock (Chelsea)
282.  J.G. Cock (Everton)
285.  A. Riley (Wolverhampton)
285.  A. Riley (Wolverhampton W.)
286.  E.J. Peers (Port Vale)
286.  E.J. Peers (Wolverhampton)
287.  W.E. Harrison (Manchester United)
287.  W.E. Harrison (Port Vale)
287.  W.E. Harrison (Wolverhampton)
288.  S. Brooks (Tottenham Hotspurs)
288.  S. Brooks (Wolverhampton)
288.  S. Brooks (Wolverhampton W.)
292.  A. Pearson (Liverpool)
292.  A. Pearson (Port Vale)
294.  M.F. Ellson (Halifax Town)
294.  M.F. Ellson (Leeds United)
294.  M. Ellson (Leeds United)
296.  R. Downs (Leeds United)
296.  W. Downs (Leeds United)
304.  W.J. Smith (Queen's Park Rangers)
304.  W.J. Smith (Swansea Town)
305.  M. O'Brien (Leicester City)
305.  J. Fort (Millwall Athletic)
306.  J. Broad (Millwall Athletic)
306.  J. Broad (Stoke - caption panel same as Millwall Athletic)
306.  J. Broad (Stoke - caption panel resized to fit Stoke)
307.  J. MacAlpine (Gillingham)
307.  J. McAlpine (Gillingham)
307.  J. McAlpine (Millwall Athletic)
313.  T. Roberts (Preston North End)
313.  W.T. Roberts (Preston North End)
317.  J. Cooper (Newport)
317.  J. Cooper (Newport County)
324.  Grendon (Northampton)
324.  F. Grendon (Northampton)
325.  H. Wileman (Southend)
325.  H. Wileman (Southend United)
329.  J. Clennell (Cardiff City)
329.  J. Clennell (Everton)
330.  W.H.J. Kirsopp (Bury)
330.  W.H.J. Kirsopp (Everton)
333.  W. Low (Newcastle U.)
333.  W. Low (Newcastle United)
334.  F. Hudspeth (Newcastle U.)
334.  F. Hudspeth (Newcastle United)
338.  D.S. Nicholas (Merthyr Town)
338.  D.S. Nicholas (Stoke - caption panel same as Merthyr Town)
338.  D.S. Nicholas (Stoke - caption panel resized to fit Stoke)
340.  J. Walker (Merthyr Town)
340.  W. Walker (Bristol City)
340.  W. Walker (Merthyr Town)
341.  E. Crompton (Bristol Rovers)
341.  E. Crompton (Exeter City)
343.  A.S. Leigh (Bristol Rovers)
343.  S. Leigh (Bristol Rovers)
351.  P. Coldrick (Wigan N.U.)
351.  P. Coldrick (Wigan R.F.L.)
352.  D. Hurcombe (Wigan R.F.L.)
352.  D. Hurcombe (WiganN.U.)
354.  A. Francis (Hull N.U.)
354.  A. Francis (Hull R.F.L.)
355.  W. Stone (HuIlN.U.)
355.  W. Stone (Hull R.F.L.)
356.  T. Milner (Hull N.U.)
356.  T. Milner (Hull R.F.L.)
357.  W. Batten (Hull N.U.)
357.  W. Batten (Hull R.F.L.)
358.  Lewis Marshall (Bramley N.U.)
358.  Lewis Marshall (Bramley R.F.L.)
360.  W. Rhodes (Dewsbury N.U.)
360.  W. Rhodes (Dewsbury R.F.L.)
361.  E. Rogers (Dewsbury N.U.)
361.  E. Rogers (Wakefield Trinity R.F.L.)
362.  B. Gronow (Huddersfield N.U.)
362.  B. Gronow (Huddersfield R.F.L.)
364.  J. Rogers (Huddersfield N.U.)
364.  J. Rogers (Huddersfield R.F.L.)
365.  G. Thomas (Huddersfield N.U.)
365.  G. Thomas (Huddersfield R.F.L.)
366.  S. Moorhouse (Huddersfield N.U.)
366.  S. Moorhouse (Huddersfield R.F.L.)
367.  H. Wagstaff (Huddersfield N.U.)
367.  H. Wagstaff (Huddersfield R.F.L.)
368.  D. Clark (Huddersfield N.U.)
368.  D. Clark (Huddersfield R.F.L.)
370.  J. Brogden (Hunslet N.U.)
370.  J. Brogden (Hunslet R.F.L.)
372.  W. Davies (Leeds N.U.)
372.  W. Davies (Leeds R.F.L.)
373.  E. Jones (Rochdale Hornets N.U.)
373.  E. Jones (Rochdale Hornets R.F.L.)
374.  J. Corsi (Rochdale Hornets N.U.)
374.  J. Corsi (Rochdale Hornets R.F.L.)
374.  J. Corsi (York R.F.L.)
376.  J. Heaton (Rochdale Hornets N.U.)
376.  J. Heaton (Rochdale Hornets R.F.L.)
377.  M. Ryder (Swinton N.U.)
377.  M. Ryder (Swinton R.F.L.)
378.  Jim Dawson (Swinton N.U.)
378.  Jim Dawson (Swinton R.F.L.)
379.  A. Johnson (Warrington R.F.L.)
379.  A. Johnson (Widnes N.U.)
379.  A. Johnson (Widnes R.F.L.)
380.  C. Redmond (Warrington R.F.L.)
380.  C. Redmond (Widnes N.U.)
380.  C. Redmond (Widnes R.F.L.)
381.  J. W. Guerin (Hunslet N.U.)
381.  J. W. Guerin (Hunslet R.F.L.)
382.  A. Wilson (Dunfermline)
382.  A. Wilson (Middlesbro')
385.  Stanley Davies (Everton - caption panel same as Middlesbro')
385.  Stanley Davies (Everton - caption panel resized to fit Everton)
385.  Stanley Davies (Preston North End)
385.  Stanley Davies (W. B. Albion)
393.  D. Raitt (Dundee)
393.  D. Raitt (Everton)
395.  G. Edwards (Morton)
395.  D. Edwards (Morton)
398.  S. Jerram (Wigan N.U.)
398.  S. Jerram (Wigan R.F.L.)
400.  J. Trotter (Bury)
400.  J. Trotter (Sheffield Wed)
406.  W. Jacques (Tottenham Hotspurs)
406.  W. Jaques (Tottenham Hotspurs)
408.  W. Pocock (Bristol City  -  no team)
408.  W. Pocock (Bristol City)
409.  J. Harris (Bristol City)
409.  J. Harris (Leeds United)
410.  J. Roulson (Birmingham)
410.  J. Roulson (Swansea Town)
414.  J. Birch (Queens Park Rangers)
414.  J. Birch (Queens' Park Rangers)
415.  J. Gregory (Queens Park Rangers)
415.  J. Gregory (Queen's Park Rangers)
416.  D. Steele (Bristol Rovers)
416.  D. Steele (Huddersfield Town)
417.  J. Bethune (Brentford)
417.  J. Bethune (Bristol Rovers)
419.  J.A. Croal (Chelsea)
419.  J.A. Croal (Fulham)
421.  F. Pagnam (Watford  -  no team)
421.  F. Pagnam (Arsenal)
421.  F. Pagnam (Cardiff City)
421.  F. Pagnam (Watford)
428.  W.H. Brelsford (Sheffield U)
428.  W.H. Brelsford (Sheffield United)
429.  G. Utley (Manchester City)
429.  G. Utley (Sheffield U)
429.  G. Utley (Sheffield United)
436.  F. Hopkin (Liverpool)
436.  F. Hopkin (Manchester United)
439.  C. Stephenson (Aston Villa)
439.  C. Stephenson (Huddersfield Town)
440.  F. Barson (Aston Villa)
440.  F. Barson (Manchester U.)
441.  I. Harrop (Aston Villa)
441.  J. Harrop (Sheffield U.)
441.  J. Harrop (Sheffield United)
444.  F. Hoddinott (Chelsea)
444.  F. Hoddinott (Watford)
445.  G. Toone (Watford  -  no team)
445.  G. Toone (Watford)
446.  A. Donaldson (Bolton Wanderers)
446.  A. Donaldson (Sunderland)
447.  F. Roberts (Bolton Wanderers)
447.  F. Roberts (Manchester City)
454.  H. Martin (Notts Forest)
454.  H. Martin (Sunderland)
455.  I. Waterall (Millwall)
455.  I. Waterall (Millwall Athletic)
456.  W. Fotheringham (Airdrieonians)
456.  W. Fotheringham (Dundee)
460.  W.J. Powell (Rochdale Hornets N.U.)
460.  W.J. Powell (Rochdale Hornets R.F.L.)
461.  W. Thomas (Broughton Rangers R. F .L.)
461.  W. Thomas (Salford N.U.)
462.  T. Cunliffe (Warrington N.U.)
462.  T. Cunliffe (Warrington R.F.L.)
463.  J. Cartwright (Leigh N.U.)
463.  J. Cartwright (Leigh R.F.L.)
479.  H. Pearson (W. B. Albion)
479.  H. Pearson (West Bromwich Albion)
480.  S. Bowser (W. B. Albion)
480.  S. Bowser (West Bromwich Albion)
481.  J. Smith (W. B. Albion)
481.  J. Smith (West Bromwich Albion)
482.  H. Gregory (W. B. Albion)
482.  H. Gregory (West Bromwich Albion)
483.  G. Gray (Norwich City)
483.  G. Gray (Sheffield Wed)
488.  L. Andrews (Reading)
488.  L. Andrews (Southampton)
489.  S. Crawford (Millwall Athletic)
489.  S. Crawford (Reading)
490.  H. Woods (Newcastle United)
490.  H. Woods (South Shields)
492.  H. Hilton (Oldham N.U.)
492.  H. Hilton (Oldham R.F.L.)
493.  Joe Ferguson (Oldham N.U.)
493.  Joe Ferguson (Oldham R.F.L.)
494.  Evan Davies (Oldham N.U.)
494.  Evan Davies (Oldham R.F.L.)
495.  Wm. Hall (Oldham N.U.)
495.  Wm. Hall (Oldham R.F.L.)
499.  J. Scott (Broughton Rangers N.U.)
499.  J. Scott (Broughton Rangers R.F.L.)
500.  E. Edwards (Newport)
500.  E. Edwards (Newport County)
501.  A. Fairclough (Bristol City  -  no team)
501.  A. Fairclough (Bristol City)
501.  A. Fairclough (Southend United)
504.  B. Millard (Coventry City)
504.  B. Millard (Crystal Palace)
507.  W. Morgan (Coventry City)
507.  W. Morgan (Crystal Palace)
510.  B. Price (Wolverhampton)
510.  J. Price (Wolverhampton W.)
512.  W. Aitken (Newcastle United)
512.  W. Aitkin (Newcastle United)
516.  A.C. Hunter (Tottenham Hotspurs)
516.  A.C. Hunter (Wigan Boro')
519.  J. Knushaw (Cardiff City)
519.  J. Kneeshaw (Cardiff City)
521.  G. Beare (Bristol City)
521.  G. Beare (Cardiff City)
528.  T. Lea (Bristol Rovers)
528.  T. Lea (Wolverhampton W.)
534.  E.R. Robson (Portsmouth)
534.  E.R. Robson (Sunderland)
535.  H. Buddery (Portsmouth)
535.  H. Buddery (Southend United)
540.  A.M. Weston (Swindon  -  no team)
540.  A.M. Weston (Swindon)
542.  T.S. Langford (Halifax Town)
542.  T.S. Langford (Swindon)
543.  F. Hawley (Swindon  -  no team)
543.  F. Hawley (Swindon)
544.  W. Wareing (Swindon  -  no team)
544.  W. Wareing (Swindon)
545.  D. Rogers (Swindon  -  no team)
545.  D. Rogers (Swindon)
547.  F.A. Shelly (Southampton)
547.  A. Shelly (Southampton)
550.  E. Rawlings (Southampton)
550.  W. Rawlings (Southampton)
551.  A.C. Jephcott (W. B. Albion)
551.  A.C. Jephcott (West Bromwich Albion)
552.  J. Crisp (W. B. Albion)
552.  J. Crisp (West Bromwich Albion)
554.  L. Birkinshaw (Birmingham)
554.  L. Burkinshaw (Birmingham)
554.  L. Burkinshaw (Halifax Town)
555.  G. Davies (Birmingham)
555.  G. Davies (Southend United)
556.  F. Vallis (Bristol City  -  no team)
556.  F. Vallis (Bristol City)
557.  H. Neesam (Bristol City  -  no team)
557.  H. Neesam (Bristol City)
558.  E. Jones (Bristol City  -  no team)
558.  E. Jones (Bristol City)
559.  F. Crowe (Chesterfield)
559.  F. Crowe (Merthyr Town)
559.  W. Crowe (Merthyr Town)
563.  G.Beel (Chesterfield)
563.  G.Beel (Merthyr Town)
564.  R. Williams (Merthyr Town)
564.  R. Williams (Sheffield Wed.)
565.  W. Jennings (Luton Town)
565.  W. Jennings (Merthyr Town)
570.  A. McKinnon (Charlton  -  no team)
570.  A. McKinnon (Arsenal)
570.  A. McKinnon (Charlton Athletic)
573.  T. Keetley (Bradford  -  no team)
573.  T. KeetJey (Bradford)
574.  W. Dickenson (Bradford)
574.  W. Dickenson (Sheffield Wed.)
575.  J. Crosier (Bradford)
575.  J. Crosier (Grimsby Town)
576.  R. Turnbull (Bradford  -  no team)
576.  R. Turnbull (Bradford)
577.  D. McLean (Bradford)
577.  D. McLean (Dundee)
579.  J. McCandless (Bradford  -  no team)
579.  J. McCandless (Bradford)
581.  J. Allan (Bury)
581.  J. Allan (Reading)
593.  G. Fell (Bradford  -  no team)
593.  G. Fell (Barnsley)
593.  G. Fell (Bradford)
602.  G. Brewster (Everton)
602.  G. Brewster (Wolverhampton W.)
603.  C. Crossley (Everton)
603.  C. Crossley (West Ham U.)
607.  D. Cock (Fulham)
607.  D. Cock (Notts County)
613.  A. Wood (Gillingham)
613.  A. Wood (Newport County)
617.  S. Cheetham (Bradford City)
617.  S. Cheetham (Hull City)
620.  M. Gilhooley (Hull City)
620.  M. Gilhooley (Sunderland)
622.  T. Brandon (Bradford)
622.  T. Brandon (Hull City)
628.  T. Howarth (Bristol Rovers)
628.  T. Howarth (Leeds United)
629.  B. Wood (Leeds United)
629.  B. Wood (Sheffield Wed.)
633.  H. Bown (Halifax Town)
633.  H. Bown (Leicester City)
643.  G. Whitworth (Crystal Palace)
643.  G. Whitworth (Northampton)
646.  A. Campbell (Oldham Athletic)
646.  A. Campbell (Swansea Town)
647.  P. Bell (Darlington)
647.  P. Bell (Oldham Athletic)
647.  P. Bell (Raith Rovers)
649.  S. Charlton (Oldham Athletic)
649.  S. Charlton (Rochdale)
651.  J. Dempster (Airdrieonians)
651.  J. Dempster (Sunderland)
653.  J. Kasher (Stoke)
653.  J. Kasher (Sunderland)
656.  W. Moore (Sunderland)
656.  W. Moore (West Ham U.)
666.  C. Moore (Manchester U.)
666.  C. Moore (Manchester United)
668.  W. Goodwin (Manchester United)
668.  W. Goodwin (Southend United)
669.  G. Bisset (Manchester United)
669.  G. Bisset (Wolverhampton W.)
670.  G. Sapsford (Manchester United)
670.  G. Sapsford (Preston North End)
673.  N. Middelboe (Casuals)
673.  Nils Middelboe (Casuals)
673.  Nils Middelboe (Chelsea)
680.  L. Thorpe (Blackburn Rovers)
680.  L. Thorpe (Lincoln City)
691.  W. Kellock (Aberdare  -  no team)
691.  W. Killock (Aberdare)
697.  G. Waddell (Birmingham)
697.  G. Waddell (Oldham Athletic)
697.  G. Waddell (Preston North End)
698.  W. Cook (Sheffield U.)
698.  W. Cook (Sheffield United)
699.  F. Brown (Sheffield U.)
699.  F. Brown (Sheffield United)
700.  H. Pantling (Sheffield U.)
700.  H. Pantling (Sheffield United)
701.  W. Gillespie (Sheffield U.)
701.  W. Gillespie (Sheffield United)
702.  J. Wood (Blackpool)
702.  J. Wood (Huddersfield Town)
703.  C. Slade (Huddersfield Town)
703.  C. Slade (Middlesbro')
704.  J. Swann (Huddersfield Town)
704.  J. Swann (Leeds United)
708.  J. Boocock (Bradford City)
708.  J. Boocock (Darlington)
709.  J. Hargreaves (Bradford City  -  no team)
709.  J. Hargreaves (Bradford City)
712.  W. Hibbert (Bradford City)
712.  W. Hibbert (Oldham Athletic)
724.  S. Harrold (Accrington Stanley)
724.  S. Harrold (Notts Forest)
727.  A. Woodland (Notts County)
727.  A. Woodland (Southend United)
730.  A. Pembleton (Millwall Athletic)
730.  A. Pembleton (Notts County)
743.  J. McIntyre (Blackburn Rovers)
743.  J. McIntyre (Sheffield Wed.)
758.  J. Walter (Bristol Rovers)
758.  J. Walter (Huddersfield Town)
759.  W. Palmer (Bristol Rovers)
759.  W. Palmer (Gillingham)
760.  J. Norton (Swindon  -  no team)
760.  J. Norton (Bristol Rovers)
775.  H. Bentley (Swindon  -  no team)
775.  H. Bentley (Brighton & H. A.)
776.  Z. March (Brighton & H. A.)
776.  Z. March (Portsmouth)
781.  A. Goodman (Charlton Athletic  -  no team)
781.  A. Goodman (Charlton Athletic)
782.  W. Hampson (Charlton Athletic)
782.  W. Hampson (Hartlepools United)
783.  S. Castle (Charlton Athletic  -  no team)
783.  S. Castle (Charlton Athletic)
788.  D. Bailey (Charlton Athletic)
788.  D. Bailey (Clapton Orient)
789.  F. Burton (Charlton Athletic  -  no team)
789.  F. Burton (Charlton Athletic)
790.  J. Leach (Aston Villa)
790.  J. Leach (Queen's Park Rangers)
793.  A. Young (Arsenal)
793.  A. Young (Aston Villa)
797.  W. Clarkson (Luton Town)
797.  W. Clarkson (Rotherham County - different photo)
800.  E. Wallington (Watford  -  no team)
800.  E. Wallington (Watford)
801.  W. Carter (Watford  -  no team)
801.  W. Carter (Watford)
803.  F. Horsman (Watford  -  no team)
803.  F. Horsman (Watford)
806.  F. W. Smith (Watford)
806.  W. F. Smith (Watford)
806.  W. F. Smith (Watford  -  no team)
826.  A. R. Hawes (South Shields)
826.  A. R. Hawes (Sunderland)
835.  A. Wood (Coventry City)
835.  A. Wood (Crystal Palace)
836.  J. Jones (Coventry City)
836.  J. Jones (Crystal Palace)
837.  J. Conner (Crystal Palace)
837.  J. Conner (Newport County)
837.  E. Stothard (South Shields)
849.  R. Thompson (Millwall Athletic)
849.  R. Thompson (Tranmere Rovers)
854.  T. Edge (Blackpool)
854.  T. Edge (Exeter City)
861.  F. Flanders (Hartlepools United)
861.  F. Flanders (Newport County)
863.  Andy Walker (Accrington Stanley)
863.  Andy Walker (Newport County)
864.  W. Edwards (Newport County)
864.  W. Edwards (West Ham U.)
866.  J. Lythgoe (Manchester City)
866.  J. Lythgoe (Newport County)
866.  J. Lythgoe (Norwich City)
867.  W. Devlin (Exeter City)
867.  W. Devlin (Newport County)
872.  Roy McDonald (Bradford  -  no team)
872.  Roy McDonald (Bradford)
874.  J. Moore (Brighton & H. A.)
874.  J. Moore (Leeds United)
877.  C. Rance (Derby County)
877.  C. Rance (Queens Park Rangers)
881.  W. Toms (Coventry City)
881.  W. Toms (Oldham Athletic)
888.  F. Foxall (Birmingham)
888.  F. Foxall (Southampton)
889.  J. Findlay (Newcastle United)
889.  J. Finlay (Newcastle United)
892.  H. D. Paton (Newcastle United)
892.  H. D. Paton (St Mirren)
897.  R. E. Firth (Port Vale)
897.  R. G. Firth (Port Vale)
897.  R. E. Firth (Southend United)
899.  A. Read (Queen's Park Rangers)
899.  A. Read (Reading)
900.  R. Faulkner (Queen's Park Rangers)
900.  R. Faulkner (South Shields)
905.  M. O'Brien (Leicester City)
905.  M. O'Brien (Queen's Park Rangers)
929.  J.C. Martin (Aberdare  -  no team)
929.  J.C. Martin (Aberdare)
930.  C. Myers (Aberdare)
930.  C. Myers (Northampton)
931.  C. Danskin (Aberdare  -  no team)
931.  C. Danskin (Aberdare)
932.  P. Brooks (Aberdare  -  no team)
932.  P. Brooks (Aberdare)
933.  W. Henderson (Aberdare)
933.  W. Henderson (West Ham U.)
934.  W. Tompkinson (Aberdare  -  no team)
934.  W. Tompkinson (Aberdare)
935.  Ted Hughes (Aberdare  -  no team)
935.  Ted Hughes (Aberdare)
939.  E. Leahy (Aberdare  -  no team)
939.  E. Leahy (Aberdare)
949.  H. Moody (Grimsby Town)
949.  H. Moody (Rochdale)
969.  A. Poulton (Bristol City  -  no team)
969.  A. Poulton (Bristol City)
970.  C. Agar (Wakefield Trinity N.U.)
970.  C. Agar (Wakefield Trinity R.F.L.)
971.  T. Durkin (Wakefield Trinity R.F.L.)
971.  T. Durkin (Wakefield TrinityN.U.)
972.  C. Pollard (Wakefield Trinity N.U.)
972.  C. Pollard (Wakefield Trinity R.F.L.)
974.  A. Siswick (Wakefield Trinity N.U.)
974.  A. Siswick (Wakefield Trinity R.F.L.)
976.  A.W. Thompson (Wakefield Trinity R.F.L.)
976.  A.W. Thompson (Wakefield TrinityN.U.)
977.  H. Armstrong (Wakefield Trinity R.F.L.)
977.  H. Armstrong (Wakefield TrinityN.U.)
978.  J. Barraclough (Wakefield Trinity R.F.L.)
978.  J. Barraclough (Wakefield TrinityN.U.)
979.  H. Rafter (Wakefield Trinity R.F.L.)
979.  H. Rafter (Wakefield TrinityN.U.)
980.  C. Pepper (Wakefield Trinity N.U.)
980.  C. Pepper (Wakefield Trinity R.F.L.)
981.  J. Parkin (Wakefield Trinity R.F.L.)
981.  J. Parkin (Wakefield TrinityN.U.)
982.  T. Pickup (Wakefield Trinity R.F.L.)
982.  T. Pickup (Wakefield TrinityN.U.)
983.  A.A. Rosenfeld (Wakefield Trinity R.F.L.)
983.  A.A. Rosenfeld (Wakefield TrinityN.U.)
984.  A.G. Davidge (Huddersfield N.U.)
984.  A.G. Davidge (Huddersfield R.F.L.)
985.  Stanley Williams (Huddersfield N.U.)
985.  Stanley Williams (Huddersfield R.F.L.)
986.  A. Swinden (Huddersfield N.U.)
986.  A. Swinden (Huddersfield R.F.L.)
987.  F. Fenwick (Huddersfield N.U.)
987.  F. Fenwick (Huddersfield R.F.L.)
988.  R.B. Naylor (Huddersfield N.U.)
988.  R.B. Nay]or (Huddersfield R. F. L)
990.  A. Sherwood (Huddersfield N.U.)
990.  A. Sherwood (Huddersfield R.F.L.)
991.  P. Reid (Huddersfield N.U.)
991.  P. Reid (Huddersfield R.F.L.)
992.  P. Brown (Dewsbury N.U.)
992.  P. Brown (Dewsbury R.F.L.)
993.  F. Bates (Dewsbury N.U.)
993.  F. Bates (Dewsbury R.F.L.)
994.  E. Catterall (Dewsbury N. U)
994.  E. Catterall (Dewsbury R.F.L.)
995.  A. Dixon (Dewsbury N.U.)
995.  A. Dixon (Dewsbury R.F.L.)
996.  J. Leake (Dewsbury N.U.)
996.  J. Leake (Dewsbury R.F.L.)
997.  G. Sharples (Dewsbury N.U.)
997.  G. Sharples (Dewsbury R.F.L.)
999.  T. Craven (Bradford R.F.L.)
999.  T. Craven (Dewsbury N.U.)
1001.  H. Brunt (Dewsbury N.U.)
1001.  H. Brunt (Dewsbury R.F.L.)
1002.  Joe Lyman (Dewsbury N.U.)
1002.  Joe Lyman (Dewsbury R.F.L.)
1003.  Jim Lyman (Dewsbury N.U.)
1003.  Jim Lyman (Dewsbury R.F.L.)
1005.  E. Rogers (Hull N.U.)
1005.  E. Rogers (Hull R.F.L.)
1006.  E. Caswell (Hull N.U.)
1006.  E. Caswell (Hull R.F.L.)
1007.  J. Beasty (Hull R.F.L.)
1007.  J. Beasty (HullN.U.)
1008.  E. Morgan (Hull N.U.)
1008.  E. Morgan (Hull R.F.L.)
1009.  J. Kennedy (Hull N.U.)
1009.  J. Kennedy (Hull R.F.L.)
1010.  H. Garratt (Hull N.U.)
1010.  H. Garratt (Hull R.F.L.)
1011.  J. Ellis (Hull N.U.)
1011.  J. Ellis (Hull R.F.L.)
1012.  J. Holdsworth (Hull N.U.)
1012.  J. Holdsworth (Hull R.F.L.)
1013.  R. Taylor (Hull N.U.)
1013.  R. Taylor (Hull R.F.L.)
1014.  D. Wyburn (HuliN.U.)
1014.  D. Wyburn (Hull R.F.L.)
1015.  F. Bielby (Kingston Rovers N.U.)
1015.  F. Bielby (Kingston Rovers R.F.L.)
1016.  W. Westerdale (Kingston Rovers N.U.)
1016.  W. Westerdale (Kingston Rovers R.F.L.)
1017.  T. McGiever (Kingston Rovers N.U.)
1017.  T. McGiever (Kingston Rovers R.F.L.)
1018.  L. Osborne (Kingston Rovers N.U.)
1018.  L. Osborne (Kingston Rovers R.F.L.)
1019.  A. Moore (Kingston Rovers N.U.)
1019.  A. Moore (Kingston Rovers R.F.L.)
1020.  D. Clark (Kingston Rovers N.U.)
1020.  D. Clark (Kingston Rovers R.F.L.)
1021.  J. H. Wilkinson (Kingston Rovers N.U.)
1021.  J. H. Wilkinson (Kingston Rovers R.F.L.)
1022.  J. Cook (Kingston Rovers N.U.)
1022.  J. Cook (Kingston Rovers R.F.L.)
1023.  J. R. Wilkinson (Kingston Rovers N.U.)
1023.  J. R. Wilkinson (Kingston Rovers R.F.L.)
1024.  L. Harris (Kingston Rovers N.U.)
1024.  L. Harris (Kingston Rovers R.F.L.)
1025.  G. Austin (Kingston Rovers N.U.)
1025.  G. Austin (Kingston Rovers R.F.L.)
1026.  F. Gibson (Kingston Rovers N.U.)
1026.  F. Gibson (Kingston Rovers R.F.L.)
1027.  F. Boagey (Kingston Rovers N.U.)
1027.  F. Boagey (Kingston Rovers R.F.L.)
1028.  F. Rawbone (Halifax N.U.)
1028.  F. Rawbone (Halifax R.F.L.)
1030.  R. Turnbull (Halifax N.U.)
1030.  R. Turnbull (Halifax R.F.L.)
1032.  J. Gledhill (Halifax N.U.)
1032.  J. Gledhill (Halifax R.F.L.)
1033.  J. Beames (Halifax N.U.)
1033.  J. Beames (Halifax R.F.L.)
1034.  C. Garforth (Halifax N.U.)
1034.  C. Garforth (Halifax R.F.L.)
1035.  W. Scott (Halifax N.U.)
1035.  L. Scott (Halifax R.F.L.)
1037.  F. Todd (Halifax N.U.)
1037.  F.Todd (Halifax R.F.L.)
1038.  S. Prosser (Halifax N.U.)
1038.  S. Prosser (Halifax R.F.L.)
1039.  C. Stacey (Halifax N.U.)
1039.  C. Stacey (Halifax R.F.L.)
1041.  T. Doolan (Bradford N.U.)
1041.  T. Doolan (Bradford R.F.L.)
1042.  J. Haley (Bradford N.U.)
1042.  J. Haley (Bradford R.F.L.)
1043.  W. Woodruff (Bradford N.U.)
1043.  W. Woodruff (Bradford R. F .L.)
1044.  B. Laughlin (Bradford N.U.)
1044.  B. Laughlin (Bradford R.F.L.)
1045.  T. Trehearne (Bradford N.U.)
1045.  T. Trehearne (Bradford R.F.L.)
1046.  L. Dobson (Bradford N.U.)
1046.  L. Dobson (Bradford R.F.L.)
1047.  T. Melling (Bradford N.U.)
1047.  T. Melling (Bradford R.F.L.)
1048.  T. Murphy (Bradford N.U.)
1048.  T. Murphy (Bradford R.F.L.)
1049.  F. Holmes (Bradford N.U.)
1049.  F. Holmes (Bradford R.F.L.)
1052.  E. Oliver (Bradford N.U.)
1052.  E. Oliver (Bradford R.F.L.)
1054.  F. W. Chilcott (Bradford N.U.)
1054.  F. W. Chilcott (Bradford R.F.L.)
1055.  W. Scott (Batley N.U.)
1055.  W. Scott (Batley R.F.L.)
1056.  H. Rees (Batley N.U.)
1056.  H. Rees (Batley R.F.L.)
1057.  J. Robinson (Batley N.U.)
1057.  J. Robinson (Batley R.F.L.)
1059.  A. Mortimer (Batley R.F.L.)
1059.  A. Mortimer (BatleyN.U.)
1060.  D. Evans (Batley N.U.)
1060.  D. Evans (Batley R.F.L.)
1061.  G. Ramsbottom (Batley N.U.)
1061.  G. Ramsbottom (Batley R.F.L.)
1062.  Douglas (Batley N.U.)
1062.  Douglas (Batley R.F.L.)
1063.  T. Brannan (Batley R.F.L.)
1063.  T. Brannan (BatleyN.U.)
1064.  G. Kilbey (Batley N.U.)
1064.  G. Kilbey (Batley R.F.L.)
1065.  Bryn Williams (Batley N.U.)
1065.  Bryn Williams (Batley R.F.L.)
1066.  Brennan (Batley N.U.)
1066.  W. Brennan (Batley R.F.L.)
1067.  F. Carter (Batley N.U.)
1067.  F. Carter (Batley R.F.L.)
1069.  J. Fowler (Batley N.U.)
1069.  J. Fowler (Batley R.F.L.)
1071.  E. Reynolds (Leeds N.U.)
1071.  E. Reynolds (Leeds R.F.L.)
1072.  H. Buck (Leeds N.U.)
1072.  H. Buck (Leeds R.F.L.)
1073.  J. H. Roberts (Leeds N.U.)
1073.  J. H. Roberts (Leeds R.F.L.)
1074.  M. E. Lyons (Leeds N.U.)
1074.  M. E. Lyons (Leeds R.F.L.)
1076.  B. P. Gou]d (Wakefield Trinity N.U.)
1076.  B. P. Gould (Wakefield Trinity R.F.L.)
1077.  N. Davis (Leeds N.U.)
1077.  N. Davis (Leeds R.F.L.)
1078.  A. Davage (Leeds N.U.)
1078.  A. Davage (Leeds R.F.L.)
1079.  J. Brittain (Leeds N.U.)
1079.  J. Brittain (Leeds R.F.L.)
1080.  A. Brown (Leeds N.U.)
1080.  A. Brown (Leeds R.F.L.)
1081.  Trusler (Leeds N.U.)
1081.  Trusler (Leeds R.F.L.)
1091.  C. Wilson (Huddersfield Town)
1091.  C. Wilson (Tottenham Hotspurs)
1098.  J. A. Ashton (York N.U.)
1098.  J. A. Ashton (York R.F.L.)
1099.  F. Henry (York R.F.L.)
1099.  F. Henry (York N.U.)
1100.  J. H. Bettridge (York N.U.)
1100.  J. H. Bettridge (York R.F.L.)
1101.  F. Mirfield (York R.F.L.)
1101.  F. Mirfie]d (York N.U.)
1102.  H. Doo]er (York R. F.L)
1102.  H. Doo]er (York N.U.)
1103.  H. Hirst (Featherstone Rovers R.F.L.)
1103.  H. Hirst (York R.F.L.)
1103.  H. Hirst (York N.U.)
1104.  T. E. Davies (York R.F.L.)
1104.  T. E. Davies (York N.U.)
1105.  E. Boston (York R.F.L.)
1105.  E. Boston (York N.U.)
1106.  Joe Corsi (Rochda]e Hornets R.F.L.)
1106.  J. Corsi (York N.U.)
1107.  A. Corsi (York N.U.)
1107.  A. Corsi (York R. F. J..)
1108.  A. Daggs (York R.F.L.)
1108.  A. Daggs (York N.U.)
1109.  J. McEwan (York N.U.)
1109.  J. McEwan (York R.F.L.)
1299.  D. Thomson (Dundee  -  no team)
1299.  W. Scott (Barrow R.F.L.)
1328.  J. Buchanan (G. Morton  -  no team)
1328.  A. R. Darvill (Ilford)
1385.  J. Wilkinson (Watford  -  no team)
1385.  J. Wilkinson (Watford)
1386.  H. Bellamy (Watford  -  no team)
1386.  H. Bellamy (Watford)
1387.  A. Wright (Watford  -  no team)
1387.  A. Wright (Watford)
1388.  J. Strain (Watford  -  no team)
1388.  J. Strain (Watford)
1389.  J. Johnson (Watford  -  no team)
1389.  J. Johnson (Watford)
1390.  A. Mummery (Watford  -  no team)
1390.  A. Mummery (Watford)
1423.  W. Wallace (Clydebank)
1423.  W. Wallace (Motherwell)
1486.  R. Bond (Blackburn R.)
1486.  J. Owen (St Helens Recs R.F.L.)
1543.  R.Hill (Millwall Athletic  -  no team)
1543.  R. Hill (Millwall Athletic)
1544.  A. Moule (Millwall Athletic  -  no team)
1544.  A. Moule (Millwall Athletic)
1545.  H. Anstiss (Millwall Athletic  -  no team)
1545.  H. Anstiss (Millwall Athletic)
1546.  G. Taylor (Millwall Athletic  -  no team)
1546.  G. Taylor (Millwall Athletic)
1576.  A. Steele (Charlton Athletic  -  no team)
1576.  A. Steele (Charlton Athletic)
1577.  B. Herod (Charlton Athletic  -  no team)
1577.  B. Herod (Charlton Athletic)
1578.  T. Dowling (Charlton Athletic  -  no team)
1578.  T. Dowling (Charlton Athletic)
1579.  A. Whalley (Charlton Athletic  -  no team)
1579.  A. Whalley (Charlton Athletic)
1580.  W. C. Cox (Charlton Athletic  -  no team)
1580.  W. C. Cox (Charlton Athletic)
1581.  E. F. Bacon (Charlton Athletic  -  no team)
1581.  E. F. Bacon (Charlton Athletic)
1582.  A. Briggs (Charlton Athletic  -  no team)
1582.  A. Briggs (Charlton Athletic)
1583.  S. Smith (Charlton Athletic  -  no team)
1583.  S. Smith (Charlton Athletic)
1584.  E. Rees (Charlton Athletic  -  no team)
1584.  E. Rees (Charlton Athletic)
1585.  J. Filliston (Charlton Athletic  -  no team)
1585.  J. FilEston (Charlton Athletic)
1586.  F. R. Wood (Charlton Athletic  -  no team)
1586.  F. R. Wood (Charlton Athletic)
1691.  A. Waterall (Stockport)
1691.  A. Waterall (Stockport County)
1692.  C. Jones (Stockport)
1692.  C. Jones (Stockport County)
1709.  B. Crawshaw (Accrington)
1709.  B. Crawshaw (Accrington Stly.)
1710.  W. Rooks (Accrington)
1710.  W. Rooks (Accrington Stly.)
1711.  G.Page (Accrington)
1711.  G. Page (Accrington Stly.)
1712.  T. Williams (Clapton O.)
1712.  T. Williams (Clapton Orient)
1713.  J. Tonner (Clapton O.)
1713.  J. Tonner (Clapton Orient)
1714.  C. Rennox (CJapton Orient)
1714.  C. Rennox (Clapton O.)
1779.  J. Bissett (Southend U.)
1779.  J. Bissett (Southend United)
1780.  J. Humphreys (Southend U.)
1780.  J. Humphreys (Southend United)
1781.  J. Slater (Southend U.)
1781.  J. Slater (Southend United)
1782.  H. Barnes (Southend U.)
1782.  H. Barnes (Southend United)
1783.  H. Dobson (Southend U.)
1783.  H. Dobson (Southend United)
1784.  R. Booth (Southend U.)
1784.  R. Booth (Southend United)
1785.  W. Jennings (Southend U.)
1785.  W. Jennings (Southend United)
1786.  H. Pidgeon (Southend U.)
1786.  H. Pidgeon (Southend United)
1812.  L. E. Ross (Nunhead)
1812.  L. E. Ross (Wimbledon)
1902.  G. Getgood (Southampton)
1902.  G. Getgood (Wolverhampton W.)

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