Monday 25 May 2015

Heinerle - 30823-13 König Fußball (1961-62) (02)

30823-13  König Fußball
West Germany
216 cards

I've had an e-mail from Gregory Graetz....

Regarding the two different Pele cards in the 1961 Heinerle set, it has recently come to my attention that the one that says 'Der "göttliche" Pele' is an uncorrected error.  Even though it says Pele on front and back, it supposedly pictures Didi, not Pele.

30823-13 - König Fußball - Deutsche Amateur-Fußballmeister

11 cards

8.  Die schwarze Perle Pele (Brasil - 1958)

30823-13 - König Fußball - Deutsche Fußballmeister

49 cards

29.  Der "göttliche" Pele (1938)

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