Monday 25 May 2015

Unknown issuer (Portugal) - Pelé (1994)

Unknown issuer
12 cards

Calendar cards used to be very popular in Portugal. This is a set of 12 cards featuring one of the greatest players of all time - Pelé. On these cards both letters 'e' have an acute accent, when it's more usual just to see the second 'e' with an acute accent. I've included Pelé's name as it is spelt on the cards, except for the main heading that will appear in the Index.

The photo with U.S. President Gerald Ford was taken in the Rose Garden at the White House the day after Pelé scored in a 3-0 win against Rochester Lancers and the day before the game against Washington Diplomats on 29 June, 1975 with Pelé scoring two goals for New York Cosmos in a 9-2 rout.

Pélé (New York Cosmos v Dallas Tornado)

Pélé (Brazil)
Pélé e Beckenbauer
Pélé (New York Cosmos)
Pélé (New York Cosmos v Tampa Bay Rowdies)
Pélé (Brazil v Italy)
Pélé (with U.S. President Gerald Ford)
Pélé (New York Cosmos)
Pélé (New York Cosmos)
Pélé (Brazil)
Pélé e Bobby Moore

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  1. I have the 11th one down signed with a certificate of authenticity. I purchased it prob 27-30 years ago. Does anyone have anymore info on this collection? Can’t find any online. Thanks!


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