Friday, 19 December 2014

Ogden's Cigarettes - Lady Cricket & Football Team (2)

c. 1889
Lady Cricket & Football Team
Ogden's Cigarettes
12 cards (1  Football)

I will be adding more illustrations to the original article about these superb cards, but David Thompson has very kindly sent me scans of all six of the football postcards that were issued around the same time as the cigarette cards. They are so good that I have to give them their own space. The numbers on the front of the cards were added at some point after they were issued.

The original information I posted relating to these and all the similar cards issued around this time, can be found here - Ogden's Cigarettes - Lady Cricket & Football Team, which will be updated as new information becomes available.

Ogden's Cigarettes - large postcard size
Lady Cricket & Football Team
Front of each card inscribed with a different brand.

A Forward (Rugby) - Smoke Ogdens "Special" Mixture
A Good Back (Rugby or Football?) - Smoke Ogdens "Silver Veil" Cigarettes
A Place (Rugby) - Smoke Ogdens "Short & Sweet" Cigarettes
Going to take a drop (Rugby) - Ogdens "Honour Bright" Tobacco & Cigarettes
Line up girls, mark your men (Rugby) - Smoke Ogdens "Royal Navy" cut Plug
Must'nt touch it with the hands (Football) - Ogdens Fruit & Honey Tobacco & Cigarettes

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