Tuesday, 16 December 2014

7 Cores (Brasil) - Tri 1970 A Taça é Nossa (The Cup is Ours)


Tri 1970 A Taça é Nossa (The Cup is Ours)
7 Cores
24 cards

A small 8 page album, with the cards available as two sheets of 12 perforated cards. The sheets are unnumbered and are numbered here for reference purposes only, in the order they appear above.

UPDATE:  This album was issued in 1974, not 1970. They also issued albums covering the 1958 and 1962 winning teams too. Here's a link to illustrations of the album pages - 1970 Mexcio: (7 Cores).
UPDATE (20-11-2017 16:22):  I originally had two sheets of twelve cards listed for this collection but Gregory Graetz has informed me that the cards were issued as one complete sheet. I've amended this post to take this information into account.

1.  Ado

2.  Baldocchi
3.  Brito
4.  Carlos Alberto Torres
5.  Clodoaldo
6.  Dario (Dadá Maravilha)
7.  Edu
8.  Everaldo
9.  Fontana
10.  Félix
11.  Gérson
12.  Jairzinho
13.  Joel Camargo
14.  Leão
15.  Feliciano
16.  Paulo César Lima
17.  Pelé
18.  Piazza
19.  Rivelino
20.  Roberto Lopes Miranda
21.  Tostão
22.  Zé Maria
23.  Mario Zagalo
24.  Distintivo FIFA

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