Friday, 19 December 2014

John Barr ~ J.B. Productions - Footballers


John Barr ~ J.B. Productions
16 cards

Originally issued as an uncut sheet, they can often be found cut down to single cards. The cards are untitled and have plain backs. The colour caricatures are similar to the issues of A. & J. Donaldson.

UPDATE:  Brian McEwan has been in touch to let me know that John Barr was Donaldson's illustrator until things went wrong between them. The full story was covered in issue no. 1 of Football Card Collector Magazine.

1.  J. Smith (Aberdeen)

2.  J. Johnstone (Celtic)
3.  A. Bryce (Dundee)
4.  A. Penman (Rangers)
5.  W. Wallace (Celtic)
6.  A. Ferguson (Dunfermline & Rangers)
7.  J. Davis (Hibernian)
8.  W. Henderson (Rangers)
9.  J. McBride (Celtic)
10.  G. McFarlane (Clyde)
11.  P. McCloy (Motherwell)
12.  B. Auld (Celtic)
13.  J. Greig (Rangers)
14.  J. Graham (Dundee United)
15.  G. Niven (Partick Thistle)
16.  E. Stevenson (Hibernian)


  1. Hey Alan, Just picked up the #6 Alex Ferguson from this set which i'm looking forward to receiving. I was wondering if you know much about the legitimacy of the producer of these cards in terms of recognition/validity? Thanks :)

    1. Hi,

      I'm not sure what you are looking for. John Barr drew the caricatures used by A. & J. Donaldson for his Sports Favourites cards that were issued a couple of decades before this sheet. He drew these newer caricatures and printed them as complete sheets. Eventually some dealers cut up some sheets to create individual cards.


    2. Thanks Alan,

      That basically answers my question thanks :) was mainly wondering about the recognition that the set is official as a release from Barr, rather than just something that John Barr had created for personal use and ended up making its way out to dealers


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