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Kiddy's Favourites - (KID-140-1/KHM-5) Popular Footballers

(KID-140-1/KHM-5) Popular Footballers
Kiddy's Favourites
52 cards

At least one card is known with the word 'CANCELLED' stamped on the back. It's possible all the cards could be found in this condition. I thought it might be from some sort of redemption programme. The cards can also be found without any reference to the Series or the player on the back, but with the wording 'Buy "Yanky" Bubble Gum IT'S BEST' and these rare cards can be found printed on three different coloured cards. Players names are taken from the front of the cards and the team name is as written on the back of the cards.

(KID-140-1/KHM-5) Popular Footballers - thin - matt - cream card - square corners  -  illustrations 1, 2
(KID-140-1/KHM-5) Popular Footballers - thin - matt - cream card - die-cut - rounded corners  -  illustrations 3, 4
(KID-140-1/KHM-5) Popular Footballers - think - slightly glossy - white card
(KID-140-1/KHM-5) Popular Footballers - plain back
(KID-140-1/KHM-6) Popular Footballers - with 'CANCELLED' on back (1 known - no. 52)

1.  G. Young (Rangers)
2.  J. Delaney (Manchester United)
3.  Bobby Combe (Hibs)
4.  Billy Liddell (Liverpool)
5.  Ian Black (Southampton)
6.  Billy Campbell (Greenock Morton)
7.  A. MacAulay (Arsenal)
8.  Jackie Oakes (Blackburn Rovers)
9.  Jerry Dawson (Falkirk)
10.  D. Sharpe (Queen of the  South)
11.  J. Farquhar (Queen's Park)
12.  Jimmy Brown (Hearts)
13.  Jimmy Cowan (Morton)
14.  Bob Thyne (Kilmarnock)
15.  Billy Steel (Morton and Derby County)
16.  David Shaw (Hibs)
17.  Jock Govan (Hibs)
18.  F. O'Donnell (Notts Forest)
19.  L. Scott (Arsenal)
20.  Billy Wright (Wolverhampton)
21.  N. Franklin (Stoke City)
22.  H. Cockburn (Manchester United)
23.  T. Finney (Preston North End)
24.  S. Pearson (Manchester United)
25.  S. Mortenson (Blackpool)
26.  S. Matthews (Blackpool)
27.  Frank Swift (Manchester City)
28.  G. Hardwick (Middlesbrough)
29.  Tommy Lawton (Notts County)
30.  E.T. Hinton (Fulham)
31.  Brian Aherne (Belfast Celtic)
32.  Jack Vernon (West Bromwich)
33.  W. Walsh (Manchester City)
34.  P. Farrell (Everton)
35.  D. Cochrane (Leeds United)
36.  D. Walsh (West Bromwich)
37.  A. Stevenson (Everton)
38.  T. Eglinton (Everton)
39.  P. Doherty (Huddersfield Town)
40.  C. Martin (Leeds United)
41.  Trevor Ford (Aston Villa)
42.  A. Powell (Leeds United)
43.  Ronnie Burgess (Tottenham Hotspur)
44.  Tommy Jones (Everton)
45.  Cyril Sidlow (Liverpool)
46.  Sid Thomas (Fulham)
47.  Alf Sherwood (Cardiff City)
48.  Ivor Powell (Queen's Park Rangers)
49.  G. Edwards (Birmingham)
50.  Wally Barnes (Arsenal)
51.  Bryn Jones (Arsenal)
52.  G. Lowrie (Newcastle United)
KID-140-1/KHM-5 Popular Footballers - errors and varieties

42.  A. Powell (Leeds United) - Ivor Powell (front); Aubrey Powell (back)
48. Ivor Powell (Queen's Park Rangers) - A. Powell (front); Ivor Powell (back) 
48. Ivor Powell (Queen's Park Rangers) - I. Powell (front); Ivor Powell (back)


  1. 3rd variety of No.42 states Ivor Powell on front with Aubrey Powell details on the back.
    No. 48 states A.Powell on the front with Ivor Powell details on the back
    No.48 states I.Powell on the front with Ivor Powell details on the back
    That makes three different types.

    1. Thank you Trevor, it's what I had but my listing was rather complex. I've amended the list to tie in with your comment. Thanks for your help.


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