Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Leaf Trading Cards - 2014 Leaf Executive Collection


2014 Executive Collection
Leaf Trading Cards
914 cards to date (15 Football)

These cards are all specially created, I'll let Leaf Trading Cards explain...

Leaf Trading Cards is pleased to announce all new design templates for its popular Executive Collection program in 2014 where Leaf gives you the power to create your own custom cut signature card! Now you can own the cut you’ve always wanted. Turn any certified signature into an Executive Collection Cut Signature Card! If you are the first to submit an authenticated cut signature of a particular celebrity or athlete who has not yet had a Leaf Executive Collection card created during that calendar year, then your card will automatically become a gold-templated 1-of-1! If the celebrity’s cut has been submitted previously, you will receive a beautifully designed red-and-silver-bordered card.
Like it did in 2013, Leaf is also able to create Dual Auto Executive Collection Cards. However, only one of each combination of dual signatures will be accepted per year. Therefore each dual-cut signature card automatically becomes a 1-of-1 and will be the only one of its kind produced during that particular calendar year.

Abby Wambach 1/1

Abby Wambach/Christie Rampone 1/1   Illustration 1, Illustration 2
Alex Morgan 1/1
Alex Morgan/Abby Wambach 1/1   Illustration 3, Illustration 4
Alex Morgan/Brandi Chastain 1/1   Illustration 5, Illustration 6
Alex Morgan/Christie Rampone 1/1
Alex Morgan/Mia Hamm 1/1   Illustration 7, Illustration 8
Brandi Chastain 1/1   Illustration 9
Brian McBride 1/1   Illustration 10
Christie Rampone 1/1   Illustration 11
David Beckham 1/1
Landon Donovan 1/1   Illustration 12
Mia Hamm/Brandi Chastain 1/1
Pele 1/1
Pele/Diego Maradona 1/1


  1. really nice collection , im justing waiting for leaf to send me back my diego maradona autograph 1/1 masterpiece, they emailed me a few days ago it just got back to them from authentication I have been waiting over 3 months for this card and cant wait to see it.!!!

    1. Wow!! A Maradona card!!! Any chance I can show it on my blog?

  2. yes of course you can as soon as I receive it I will contact you. the signature is perfect.I also have the futera unique autographed maradona 4/5.

    1. Hi Nick,

      That's great, thanks. I'll look forward to hearing from you.


  3. ok alan I just received back my diego maradona leaf executive cuts card .the autograph was a bit large so they cut out the number 10 which was located under the diego and a bit of the sides were cut off, which is a bit disappointing. but its still a 1/1 and this is the very first maradona autographed card ever made by a north American company , and a reputable company, and the fact that its a 1/1 is also nice .not that futera is not reputable I have many autographed cards from them my self but I know there is alot of collectors that question the authenticity. this autograph was originally optained by icons sports memerobilia on june 2013 in dubai , then reauthenticated by jsa before it was excepted by leaf to be made into a trading card.


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