Sunday, 7 December 2014

Kiddy's Favourites (Anonymous) - KID-060 Popular Footballers (Mini - K size)

KID-060 Popular Footballers (Mini - K size)
Kiddy's Favourites (Anonymous)  
48 cards

These  anonymous cards were issued by Kiddy's Favourites and the fronts are similar to their Popular Footballers series, although these cards are smaller, sometimes referred to as 'mini' or 'K' size. Extremely rare cards.

1.  T. Lawton (Notts County)
2.  F. Swift (Retired - Manchester City)
3.  L. Scott (Arsenal)
4.  G. Hardwick (Oldham Athletic)
5.  W. Wright (Wolverhampton)
6.  N. Franklin (Hull City)
7.  S. Mortenson (Blackpool)
8.  S. Matthews (Blackpool)
9.  J. Delaney (Falkirk)
10.  B. Combe (Hibs)
11.  W. Liddell (Liverpool)
12.  I. Black (Southampton)
13.  J. Dawson (Falkirk)
14.  D. Sharpe (Queen of the South)
15.  J. Farquhar (Morton)
16.  J. Brown (Hearts)
17.  J. Cowan (Morton)
18.  R. Thyne (Kilmarnock)
19.  J. Govan (Hibs)
20.  F. O'Donnell (Notts Forest)
21.  C. Martin (Leeds United)
22.  E.T. Hinton (Fulham)
23.  B. Ahrne (Belfast Celtic)
24.  J. Vernon (West Bromwich)
25.  D. Walsh (West Bromwich)
26.  A. Stevenson (Everton)
27.  T. Eglinton (Everton)
28.  P. Doherty (Huddersfield Town)
29.  W. Barnes (Arsenal)
30.   I. Powell (Quenn's Park Rangers)
31.  T. Jones (Everton)
32.  R. Burgess (Tottenham Hotspur)
33.  A. Powell (Leeds United)
34.  T. Ford (Aston Villa)
35.  G. Edwards (Birmingham City)
36.  B. Jones (Arsenal)
37.  H. Cockburn (Manchester United)
38.  T. Finney (Preston North End)
39.  W. Walsh (Manchester City)
40.  P. Farrell (Everton)
41.  W. Steel (Dundee)
42.  G. Young (Rangers)
43.  Billy Campbell (Morton)
44.  A. MacAuley (form. Arsenal)
45.  A. Sherwood (Cardiff City)
46.  S. Thomas (Fulham)
47.  G. Lowrie (Coventry City)
48.  D. Cochrane (Leeds United)

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