Thursday 16 October 2014

Washington Diplomats / Dave Pyle's Lincoln Mercury - Washington Diplomats (1981)

Washington Diplomats
Washington Diplomats / Dave Pyle's Lincoln Mercury
19 cards

I don't usually include checklists without including at least one illustration, but this information was requested by a collector in America. If someone has a picture I can use, please let me know. This checklist is taken from issue no. 6 of The Soccer Collector.
UPDATE:  I'd like to thank Bill Coonan for kindly supplying the photos.

1.  Jim Brown
2.  Benny Dargle
3.  Ivan Belfiore
4.  Peter Carr
5.  Heinz Wirtz
6.  Malcolm Waldron
7.  Donato Nardiello
8.  Ross Jenkins
9.  Paul Cannell
10.  David Bradford
11.  Trevor Hebbard
12.  Angus Moffat
14.  David McGill
15.  Peter Baralic
16.  Ken Murphy
17.  Ole Mikkelsen
21.  Dale Baxter
22.  Eddie Colquhoun
Ken Furphy

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