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Topps (USA) - NASL Soccer Stickers ~ Team Logos

NASL Soccer Stickers ~ Team Logos
33 stickers/cards

The stickers are attached to the cards and were intended to be collected on the special poster. Doing that would leave you with 33 cards made up of a series of 9 'How to...' cards and the rest are puzzle cards, which can be arranged to make larger photos - beware though, Topps didn't do a very good job of cutting the cards so lining up the cards to create the larger picture can be tricky. I have also seen a large uncut sheet issued for sale.

1.  NASL logo
2.  Star Ball
3.  Atlanta Chiefs
4.  California Surf
5.  Chicago Sting
6.  Dallas Tornado
7.  Detroit Express
8.  San Diego Sockers
9.  Fort Lauderdale Strikers
10.  Houston Hurricane
11.  Los Angeles Aztecs
12.  Memphis Rogues
13.  Minnesota Kick
14.  New England Tea Men
15.  New York Cosmos
16.  Philadelphia Fury
17.  Portland Timbers
18.  Rochester Lancers
19.  Toronto Blizzard
20.  Edmonton Drillers
21.  Seattle Sounders
22.  Tampa Bay Rowdies
23.  San Jose Earthquakes
24.  Tulsa Roughnecks
25.  Vancouver Whitecaps
26.  Washinton Diplomats
27.  Soccer is a Kick in the Grass
NNO.  Hurricane/Strikers/Kicks/Chiefs
NNO.  Aztecs/Sounders/Whitecaps/Lancers
NNO.  Diplomats/Cosmos/Earthquakes/Surf
NNO.  Tornado/Rogues/Blizzard/Drillers
NNO.  Sockers/Express/Sting/Rowdies
NNO.  Timbers/Roughnecks/Fury/Tea Men

NASL Soccer Stickers - How to… cards
9 cards

…Outside of the Foot pass (NNO.  Tornado/Rogues/Blizzard/Drillers)
…Inside of the Foot pass (NNO.  Aztecs/Sounders/Whitecaps/Lancers)
…Inside of the Foot trap (NNO.  Timbers/Roughnecks/Fury/Tea Men)
…Chest Trap (NNO.  Sockers/Express/Sting/Rowdies)
…Dribble (18.  Rochester Lancers)
…Tackle (9.  Fort Lauderdale Strikers)
…Goalkeeper (NNO.  Diplomats/Cosmos/Earthquakes/Surf)
…Head the Ball (27.  Soccer is a Kick in the Grass)
…Throw In (NNO.  Hurricane/Strikers/Kicks/Chiefs)

NASL Soccer Stickers - Puzzle A - Werner Roth puzzle cards
11 cards

Puzzle card 1 (3.  Atlanta Chiefs)
Puzzle card 2 (2.  Star Ball)
Puzzle card 3 (1.  NASL logo)
Puzzle card 4 (12.  Memphis Rogues)
Puzzle card 5 (11.  Los Angeles Aztecs)
Puzzle card 6 (10.  Houston Hurricane)
Puzzle card 7 (21.  Seattle Sounders)
Puzzle card 8 (20.  Edmonton Drillers)
Puzzle card 9 (19.  Toronto Blizzard)

Puzzle card solver (17.  Portland Timbers)
Puzzle card solver (26.  Washinton Diplomats)

NASL Soccer Stickers - Puzzle B - Yellow Border puzzle cards
13 cards

Puzzle card 1 (4.  California Surf)
Puzzle card 2 (13.  Minnesota Kick)
Puzzle card 3 (22.  Tampa Bay Rowdies)
Puzzle card 4 (5.  Chicago Sting)
Puzzle card 5 (14.  New England Tea Men)
Puzzle card 6 (23.  San Jose Earthquakes)
Puzzle card 7 (6.  Dallas Tornado)
Puzzle card 8 (15.  New York Cosmos)
Puzzle card 9 (24.  Tulsa Roughnecks)
Puzzle card 10 (7.  Detroit Express)
Puzzle card 11 (16.  Philadelphia Fury)
Puzzle card 12 (25.  Vancouver Whitecaps)

Puzzle card solver (8.  San Diego Sockers)

NASL Soccer Stickers - Soccer Is A Kick In The Grass sticker poster

Soccer Is A Kick In The Grass sticker poster (see back of the wrapper)

NASL Team Logos (uncut sheet)
132 stickers/cards

All 33 stickers/cards appear 4 times in the sheet

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