Friday, 19 September 2014

The Football Attic - League of Blogs 2014 (2)

League of Blogs 2014
The Football Attic
150 virtual cards?

The Football Attic's League of Blogs 2014 is coming along nicely. Here's an update, but they've now set a deadline of 10 October - hurry if you want to take part...
Check out the League of Blogs 2014 Gallery.

1.  The Football Attic (Badge)
2.  The Football Attic (Home kit)
3.  The Football Attic (Away kit)
4.  Kitbliss (Badge)
5.  Kitbliss (Home kit)
6.  Kitbliss (Away kit)
7.  Rey Sport Design (Badge)
8.  Rey Sport Design (Home kit)
9.  Rey Sport Design (Away kit)
10.  A Northern Soul Travels (Badge)
11.  A Northern Soul Travels (Home kit)
12.  A Northern Soul Travels (Away kit)
13.  A Moment of Brilliance (Badge)
14.  A Moment of Brilliance (Home kit)
15.  A Moment of Brilliance (Away kit)
16.  Echoes of Glory Podcast (Badge)
17.  Echoes of Glory Podcast (Home kit)
18.  Echoes of Glory Podcast (Away kit)
19.  Football Cartophilic Info Exchange (Badge)
20.  Football Cartophilic Info Exchange (Home kit)
21.  Football Cartophilic Info Exchange (Away kit)
22.  Gandermonium (Badge)
23.  Gandermonium (Home kit)
24.  Gandermonium (Away kit)
25.  Scots Footy Cards (Badge)
26.  Scots Footy Cards (Home kit)
27.  God, Charlton & Punk Rock (Badge)
28.  God, Charlton & Punk Rock (Home kit)
29.  God, Charlton & Punk Rock (Away kit)
30.  Baines Football Cards (Badge)
31.  Baines Football Cards (Home kit)
32.  Baines Football Cards (Away kit)
33.  Hungry Ted (Badge)
34.  Hungry Ted (Home kit)
35.  Hungry Ted (Away kit)
36.  Last Minute Winner (Badge)
37.  Last Minute Winner (Home kit)
38.  Just Football (Badge)
39.  Just Football (Home kit)
40.  Just Football (Away kit)
42.  Football Vizana (Badge)
43.  Football Vizana (Home kit)
44.  Football and Music (Badge)
45.  Football and Music (Home kit)
46.  Football and Music (Away kit)
47.  Project Euro 2016 (Badge)
48.  Project Euro 2016 (Home kit)
49.  Project Euro 2016 (Away kit)
50.  Of Pitch & Page (Badge)
51.  Of Pitch & Page (Home kit)
52.  Of Pitch & Page (Away kit)

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