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Cope Bros. / Clips Cigarettes - Noted Footballers (2) Ton Pentre

Noted Footballers - Clips Cigarettes
Cope Bros. 

Backs have various series numbers, detailed on the 4th/5th line on the back stating series consisting of:
120 players
282 players
nearly 500 players

I always presumed that the cards numbered 111-120 were rugby players, but I have just found an article on the Cartophilic Society of Great Britian website - Card World, by Derek Jenkins that proves that this batch of cards feature association footballers not rugby players. 
The player shown on card no. 119 is Moses Russell. He won his first Welsh cap in 1912 after moving to Merthyr Town. He later played 314 times for Plymouth Argyle and won a total of 23 Welsh caps. You can read more about him here - Dial M For Merthyr.
Here's the list.

111.  Jones, J.H. (Ton Pentre F.C.)
112.  Fyfe (Ton Pentre F.C.)
113.  Evans, A. (Ton Pentre F.C.)
114.  Williams, H. (Ton Pentre F.C.)
115.  Roberts, T. (Ton Pentre F.C.)
116.  Williams, J. (Ton Pentre F.C.)
117.  Percival, J. (Ton Pentre F.C.)
118.  Davies, T. (Ton Pentre F.C.)
119.  Russell, M. (Ton Pentre F.C.)
120.  Curtis, A. (Ton Pentre F.C.)

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