Sunday, 14 September 2014

Smiths Food Group (Ireland) Ltd. (Smith's Crisps) - George Best Colouring Competition Picture Cards (02)

George Best Colouring Competition Picture Cards
Smith Food Group Ltd (Smith's Crisps)
Republic of Ireland
20 cards

Following on from yesterdays article about the George Best Colouring Competition cards, I've had an e-mail from Paul Maguire with scans of 8 further cards. At some point it seems this series expanded from a set of 12 cards to set of 20! The reverse of the first 12 cards are printed in black and refer to a set of 12, the reverse of the extra cards are printed in blue and refer to a set of 20 cards. Also, the picture and the drawing has changed places with these extra cards. I also noticed that the first batch didn't include an address to send your competition entries to, but these later ones do. The previous 12 cards can be found here - Smiths Crisps - George Best Colouring Competition.

Series A No. 13.  George Best
Series A No. 14.  George Best
Series A No. 15.  George Best
Series A No. 16.  George Best
Series A No. 17.  George Best
Series A No. 18.  George Best
Series A No. 19.  George Best
Series A No. 20.  George Best

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