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P.A. Adolph (Subbutteo) - Soccer Market

Soccer Market
P.A. Adolph (Subbutteo)
44 cards

I managed to pick up the Cardiff City cards from this game many moons ago. The whole package is highly collectable, especially among Subbuteo collectors. I used to think this was the only version, but the game was available from the 1947-48 season, throughout the 1950's, right up until 1964-65. I'll include details of another version later. A complete version of this collection is currently on sale on the Subbuteo World website for £349.
I'll include details of the first version later.

Arsenal £100,000
Arsenal - Goalkeeper
Arsenal - Left Back
Arsenal - Right Back
Arsenal - Left Half
Arsenal - Centre Half
Arsenal - Right Half
Arsenal - Outside Left
Arsenal - Inside Left
Arsenal - Centre Forward
Arsenal - Inside Right
Arsenal - Outside Right

Cardiff City £85,000
Cardiff City - Goalkeeper
Cardiff City - Left Back
Cardiff City - Right Back
Cardiff City - Left Half
Cardiff City - Centre Half
Cardiff City - Right Half
Cardiff City - Outside Left
Cardiff City - Inside Left
Cardiff City - Centre Forward
Cardiff City - Inside Right
Cardiff City - Outside Right

Celtic £70,000
Celtic - Goalkeeper
Celtic - Left Back
Celtic - Right Back
Celtic - Left Half
Celtic - Centre Half
Celtic - Right Half
Celtic - Outside Left
Celtic - Inside Left
Celtic - Centre Forward
Celtic - Inside Right
Celtic - Outside Right

Newcastle £60,000
Newcastle United - Goalkeeper
Newcastle United - Left Back
Newcastle United - Right Back
Newcastle United - Left Half
Newcastle United - Centre Half
Newcastle United - Right Half
Newcastle United - Outside Left
Newcastle United - Inside Left
Newcastle United - Centre Forward
Newcastle United - Inside Right
Newcastle United - Outside Right

All Rounder
Blank card
Blank card
Blank card

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  1. Very nice...subbuteo soccer market cards are very rare with plastic cover !


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