Saturday, 6 September 2014

Ping Pong (Brazil) - Seleção Brasileira 2014

Seleção Brasileira 2014
Ping Pong
18 cards

Every time the World Cup comes around Ping Pong updates their Seleção Brasileira collection with new cards. This is the list of new cards, following on from the ones issued in 2010.

343.  Seleção Brasileira Team Photo / Cartão de Controle
344.  Daniel Alves
345.  Thiago Silva
346.  David Luiz
347.  Luiz Gustavo
348.  Marcelo
349.  Paulinho
350.  Oscar
351.  Fred
352.  Neymar
353.  Hulk
354.  Júlio César
355.  Victor
356.  Fernandinho
357.  Maicon
358.  Ramires
359.  Dante
360.  Felipão (Luiz Felipe Scolari)


  1. I was in touch with a few brazilian sellers on ebay during my search for the Oscar card in this set and they said the company Ping Pong folded/stopped producing stickers during the mid 90s. They reckon these are custom stickers when I show them the photos here. Quite interesting

    1. Hi Oscar,

      I must admit I have had my doubts about those recent cards. I have lots of checklists of earlier Ping Pong cards, I should try looking for examples of those cards from 1970's and 1980's and get them on my blog.


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