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Marks & Spencer - Stanley Matthews Picture Album ~ Stars of Today (3)

Stanley Matthews' Picture Album ~ Stars of Today
Marks & Spencer / Stanley Matthews' Football Album

Following on from Bob Thomas' help recently, Paul Briers has been in touch and very kindly sent scans of all the pages featuring the Stars of Today. He also informs me that there are 71 players, not 72, as you'll see in the illustrations. I presumed, wrongly, that as some pages had 12 photos there must be 72 in total! I suppose there is in a way, a Stanley Matthews himself looks through the book...

First page

Peter Harris (Portsmouth)
Jimmy Dickinson (Portsmouth)
Jimmy Delaney (Manchester United)
Jack Rowley (Manchester United)
John Carey (Manchester United)
Jack Aston (Manchester United)
Henry Cockburn (Manchester United)
Billy Steel (Derby County)

Second page

Johnny Morris (Derby County)
Leon Leuty (Derby County)  -  newly listed
Jack Milburn (Newcastle United)

Third page

Frank Brennan (Newcastle United)
Wilf Mannion (Middlesbrough)
Dick Robinson (Middlesbrough)
George Hardwick (Middlesbrough)
Ivor Broadis (Sunderland)
Peter Doherty (Doncaster Rovers)
Vic Metcalfe (Huddersfield Town)
Trevor Ford (Aston Villa)
Jack Vernon (West Browmich Albion)
David Walsh (West Browmich Albion)
Charlie Wayman (Southampton)
Bill Ellerington (Southampton)

Fourth page

Alf Sherwood (Cardiff City)
Leslie Compton (Arsenal)
Laurie Scott (Arsenal)
Douglas Lishman (Arsenal)
Denis Compton (Arsenal)
Ron Burgess (Tottenham Hotspur)
Ted Ditchburn (Tottenham Hotspur)
Roy Bentley (Chelsea)
John Harris (Chelsea)
Frank Lock (Charlton Athletic)
Eric Parsons (West Ham United)
Bob Thomas (Fulham)

Fifth page

Jim Taylor (Fulham)
Bill Gorman (Brentford)
Stanley Mortensen (Blackpool)
Harry Johnston (Blackpool)
Eddie Shimwell (Blackpool)
Tommy Jones (Everton)
Tom Finney (Preston North End)
Bobby Langton (Preston North End)
Billy Moir (Bolton Wanderers)
Eric Worthington (Bury)
Erid Westwood (Manchester City)  -  newly listed
Albert Stubbins (Liverpool)

Sixth page

Eddie Quigley (Sheffield Wednesday)
Jimmy Hagan (Sheffield United)
Raich Carter (Hull City)
Tommy Lawton (Notts County)
Don Revie (Leicester City)
Billy Wright (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Jimmy Mullen (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Johnny Hancocks (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Jesse Pye (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Neil Franklin (Stoke City)
Reg Allen (Queens Park Rangers)
George Young (Rangers)

Seventh page

Bill Miller (Celtic)
Gordon Smith (Hibernian)
Tommy Pearson (Aberdeen)
Willie Woodburn (Rangers)
Laurie Reilly (Hibernian)
Willie Waddell (Rangers)
Jimmy Cowan (Morton)
Bill Houliston (Queen of the South)
Bobby Evans (Celtic)
Jimmy Mason (Third Lanark)
George Aitken (East Fife)
Willie Thornton (Rangers)

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