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Sports Pictures - Sports Pictures Photo Album (Part II)

200 Famous Footballers "Sports Pictures" Photo Album
Sports Pictures
64 pages

Paul Briers has been quick to respond to the original article with information on all the missing pages, he's even been able to provide additional photos of the cover and various pages.
I've added details of pages 1, 2, 11 and 12 to the original article,  that can be found here - Sports Pictures (Sports Pictures Photo Album (Part I)

41.  Men of Nottingham
          H. Bulling (Forest, Right Back)
          C.W. Flood (Forest, Inside Left)
          D. Walker (Forest, Centre Forward)
          H. Morris (Outside Right, from Manchester City to Forest)
          H. Hill (County, Inside Left)
          W. Flint (County, Captain & Right Half)
          A.G. Davies (County, Inside Right)
          D. Cock (County, Centre Forward)
          W. Ashurst (County, Right Back)
42.  Fulham’s Halves and Forwards
          H. Bagge (Right Half)
          Andy Ducat (Player Manager)
          F.J. Penn (Outside Left)
          G. Edmunds (Centre Forward)
          W.H. Prouse (Inside Right, from Rochdale)
          J. Edelstone (Left Half)
          J. Torrance (Centre Half)
43.  Derby County’s Rare Attack
          R. Galloway (Centre Forward)
          H. Storer (Inside Right)
          L. Murray (Outside Left)
          G. Thornewell (Outside Right)
          J. Whitehouse (Inside Left)
44.  A Scoring Centre Forward
          Ernest Simms (Luton Town, now Stockport County)
45.  Captain of Spurs
          Arthur Grimsdall (Tottenham Hotspur)
46.  Players of the Potteries
          J. Brough (Port Vale)
          W. Briscoe (Port Vale)
          A. Milne (Stoke)
          J. Kasher (Stoke)
          T.E. Fern (Transferred from Everton to Port Vale)
          W. Tempest (Transferred from Stoke to Port Vale)
47.  Some Bradford Stars
          R. Turnbull (Bradford. Outside Right)
          J. Myerscough (Bradford, Inside Right)
          S. McMillan (Outside Right, transferred from Wolves to Bradford City)
          C. Storer (City, Centre Half)
          J.S. Poole (Left Half, from Sunderland to Bradford City)
48.  Popular Second... (Division Players)
          J. Bamber (Leicester City)
          M. O’Brien (Hull City)
          J. Little (Crystal Palace)
          G. Carr (Leicester City)
          W. Mercer (Hull City)
          M. Bell (Hull City)
          G. Whittworth (Crystal Palace)
49.  (Popular Second) ...Division Players
          Oldham Athletic
          H. Matthews (Goalkeeper)
          S. Blair (Centre Forward)
          T. Wynne (Right Back)
          B. Fletcher (Barnsley, Right Half)
          A. Pape (Clapton, Centre Forward, from Notts County)
          G. Donkin (Barnsley, Outside Right)
          South Shields
          W. Walker (Goalkeeper)
          C. Devan (Outside Right, from Clydebank)
          E. Greenwell (Inside Right)
50.  London’s Lions
          T.R. Parker (Millwall, from Queens Park Rangers)
          J. Fort (Millwall)
          R.W. Hill (Millwall)
          S.P. Gore (Millwall)
          F.A. Gomm (Millwall)
          D.H. Morris (Millwall)
          A. Dillimore (Millwall)
51.  Swansea’s New and Old
          J. Collins (Centre Half)
          A.E. Langford (Right Back)
          J. Holland (Inside Right)
          E.R. Robson (Goalkeeper, transferred from Sunderland)
          J. Miller (Outside Right, transferred from Boscombe)
          W. Milne (Left Back)
          L. Thompson (Inside Left)
          H. Bellamy (Right Half)
          W. Hole (Outside Right)
          H. Deacon (Inside Right)
          F. Fowler (Centre Forward)
52.  Leading Lights in... (the Southern Section)
          F. Richardson (Swindon, from West Ham)
          A. Weston (Swindon)
          S. Hoar (Luton)
          J. Birch (QPR)
          W. Hayes (Southend, from Brighton)
          E. Watkin (Southend)
          J. Wilson (Reading)
          S. Charlton (Exeter)
          V. White (Watford)
53.  (Leading Lights in) ...the Southern Section
          J. Banks (Norwich City)
          E.C. Williamson (Norwich City)
          P. Brooke (Aberdare)
          J. Connor (Newport)
          F. Wood (Charlton)
          S. Smith (Charlton)
          W. Berry (Gillingham)
          C. Alton (Brentford)
          J. Cook (Northampton, from Notts County)
54.  From the Spurs to the Orient
          Bert Bliss
55.   "Danny" Shea (Coventry City)
56.  Edinburgh - Hearts and Hibs
          W. Hooper (Hibernians)
          J. McColl (Hibernians)
          R. Templeton (Hibernians)
          W. McGinnigle (Hibernians)
          W. Doran (Hibernians)
          A. Murray (Hearts)
          J. White (Hearts)
          W. White (Hearts)
          J. Ramage (Hearts)
          A. Wright (Hearts)
          P. Kerr (Hearts)
57.  Prominent Bristol Boys
          T. Walsh (Bristol City)
          F. Vallis (Bristol City)
          A.T. Torrance (Bristol City)
          A. Smailes (Bristol City)
          F. Roberts (Rovers, from Glasgow Rangers)
          G. Pither (Rovers, from Millwall)
          J. Lofthouse (Rovers)
58.  Old Favourites in... (the Northern Section)
          J. Thompson (Accrington, from Blackpool)
          H. Moody (Rochdale)
          J.W. Haywood (Halifax, from Chelsea)
          W. Brown (Rochdale)
          J. Tindall (Accrington, from Barnsley)
          J. Rumney (Chesterfield, from Hull)
          P. Carmichael (Grimsby)
          J. Hodnett (Chesterfield, from Wolves)
          J. Marshall (Wigan, from Preston)
          L. Thorpe (Rochdale, from Lincoln)
          J.T. Jones (Crewe, from Coventry)
          W. Graham (Wrexham, from Northampton)
          A. Mathieson (New Brighton)
59.  (Old Favourites in) ...the Northern Section
          W. Gardner (Ashington)
          P. Allen (Lincoln)
          T. Robertson (Ashington)
          A. Roe (Lincoln)
          W. Watson (Ashington)
          H. Abbott (Nelson)
          J. Hammerton (Rotherham)
          A. Wolstenholme (Nelson)
          J. Stokoe (Durham)
          J. Eddleston (Nelson)
          F. Burrill (Walsall, from Charlton)
          J. Barber (Southport, from Manchester United)
          A. Allen (Southport, from Manchester City)
60.  Bob Kelly, of Burnley
61.  Some of England’s Best
          S. Chedgzoy (Everton)
          F. Moss (England’s Captain)
          P. Barton (Birmingham)
          J. McCall (Preston North End)
          S. Wadsworth (Huddersfield)
          D.B.N. Jack (Bolton)
62.  Candidates for Caps
          J. Seddon (Bolton)
          J.H. Hill (Burnley)
63.  Club Managers
          F. Everiss (WBA)
          H. Chapman (Huddersfield)
          A. Fairclough (Leeds United)
          F. Stewart (Cardiff)
          A.S. Maley (Hibernians)
          F.G. Watt (Newcastle)
          P. McWilliam (Tottenham Hotspur)
          S. Allen (Swindon)
          W. Maley (Celtic)
          J. Lawrence (Preston North End)
          W. McCracken (Hull City)
          P. Sant (Barnsley)
          S. King (West Ham)
          J. McCartney (Portsmouth)
          J. Bradshaw (Swansea)
          D. Menzies (Bradford City)
64.  Index
          A to Y (of players listed.)

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