Saturday 19 July 2014

A.W. Gamage - GAN-1 Sporting Cartoon Postcards


GAN-1  Sporting Cartoon Postcards
A.W. Gamage
15 known (5 football)

Four of these postcards were recently shown in the Football Postcard Collectors Club Journal (No. 97 - May 2014). Postcard sets in the Edwardian era normally consisted of 6 cards, so that would mean there is one postcard missing from the list. I've also listed similar cards for other sports.

I feel sat upon (Football) - FPCC Journal
I'm coming along (Football) - FPCC Journal
It gave me a shock (Football)
It gets over me (Football) - FPCC Journal
When I'm passing (Football) - FPCC Journal

I just missed (Cricket)
In the log run (Cricket)
I often miss (Golf)
I can't follow (Golf)
I'm in a hole (Golf)
I'm rather mifed (Golf)
I'm rather short (Golf)
I've tried hard (Golf)
I'm on the look out (Tennis)
It takes me all my time (Tennis)

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